The extraordinary night of Huya Live Star Festival in 2021 will start to gather stars, and high-energy battle will lead the trend of Gen Z

Source Title: 2021 Huya Live Star Festival The Extraordinary Night Burns, Stars Gathering, High Energy Battle Leads the Trend of Gen Z Entertainment

Recently, the Huya live broadcast platform officially announced that it will hold the “2021 Huya Live Star Festival Extraordinary Night” at the Venetian Cotai Arena in Macau, China on the evening of January 16, and will be synchronized at Huya Live Room 880101 (Second Station Live Room 616201) live streaming.

On January 16, the Huya Live APP searched for “extraordinary night”

Known as the “Oscars in the live broadcast industry”, the Huya annual star festival gathers popular first-line artists, new-generation idols and platform popular anchors every year. With the high popularity of topics and ingenious and rich content, it has become incompatible in the live broadcast industry. One of the missed events. It is reported that this year’s Star Festival Extraordinary Night is based on the theme of “Extraordinary and Infinite”. It not only prepares a lineup of luxurious guests, but also upgrades interactive gameplay and award settings. It also brings a charming red carpet and naked-eye 3D meta-universe stage. The ultimate visual and powerful assists will bring a special entertainment event for netizens and live audiences.

Celebrities gathered, the extraordinary night of Huya is about to start

At present, the guest lineup of the extraordinary night of this star festival has been announced one after another. Not only the idol girl group AKB48 Team SH, the Ye Qinghui rock band Black Panthers, and the famous host Hua Shao with the ability to play against the sky, but also Sweetheart princess Lai Meiyun, American god of wind Li Yugang, emerging cyberpunk style band MiniG mini, and veteran rock and roll face band strongly joined, passionate rock collided with high-burning national style, and the atmosphere was instantly full. In addition, the powerful singer Wang Feng, the popular singer Wang Sulong, the super-beautiful goddess Wu Xuanyi, the singer-producer Xiaogui-Wang Linkai, and the popular girl group Hard Candy Girl 303 also all appeared, bringing a youthful and dynamic singing and dancing performance to the audience. Infuse youth and vitality.

Top anchors gather together to create a multi-screen carnival

In addition to the bursting stage performances, many TOP-level anchors will also be on the Star Festival Extraordinary Night, including the fans’ favorite top anchors such as Miss, No Seeking, Gu Ying, Sword Fairy, Shark, etc., there will also be various hits Well-known big-name anchors from mobile games such as Glory of the Kings, League of Legends, and Peace Elite appeared at the grand ceremony.

For each festival, the red carpet show is undoubtedly one of the most interesting links. The extraordinary night of this year’s Star Festival incorporates more ingenuity in the red carpet link. It was chosen to be held on the lawn under the Parisian Macau, with green grass and fire trees and silver flowers, creating a poetic and romantic atmosphere, which has attracted many big names. Celebrities and anchors can show extraordinary charm in many ways on the red carpet.

Thanks to the support of relevant policies and the support of all sectors of society, the domestic e-sports industry has developed rapidly, and related e-sports events once triggered an upsurge of generation Z watching games and topics. According to the news from the front, on the eve of the Star Festival Extraordinary Night, the “League of Legends” terminal game and mobile game battle will be launched simultaneously, and there will be not only LOL double-ended celebrity anchors on the scene, but also mysterious celebrity leaders and celebrity assistants to help out, and airborne the scene , To jointly start the extraordinary battle of Huya Live Star Festival.

In order to bring more surprises to netizens, this year’s Star Festival Extraordinary Night has also prepared interesting interactive gameplay and a lottery with generous prizes.From now until January 16, users log in to the Huya Live App, search for room numbers or Extraordinary Nights, enter the event page to do a task and open a 10,000 yuan gift box, and they will have the opportunity to obtain a professional high-speed game storage solid state drive provided by WD_BLACK. And a variety of professional gaming headsets provided by Siberia. In addition, Jiuzi Game, the chief partner of the ceremony, not only brought us surprise prizes such as PS5, iPhone13, iPad, iWatch, etc., but also a dozen car awards (right to use) at the ceremony.! In addition, during the event, a number of celebrity anchors will cheer for Extraordinary Night, continue to draw Extraordinary Lucky Koi in the live broadcast room, and give out mysterious prizes such as Extraordinary Night Limited Gift Packs, allowing users to be interactive, participatory, and interesting. All aspects have been upgraded.

In the past year, Huya Live has continued to explore and innovate, focusing on the integration of “live + video + community” to comprehensively enhance user viewing and interactive experience. The Extraordinary Night of the Huya Live Star Festival is not only a perfect ending to the efforts of the past year, a testimony to the glory of the outstanding anchors of the year, but also a prospect for the new year. At that time, Huya will invite online audiences to witness together through the whole live broadcast.On the evening of January 16, let’s lock the Huya Live Star Festival Extraordinary Night Live Room together, and let us be “infinitely hot” together!

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