The Faangué Startup on the move to locate and have gas delivered to your home

The KAFYKA group initiated the Startup Faangué. This platform which saw the light of day this Friday September 22, 2023 is an IT perspective which brings together two services: The location and availability of butane gas in points of sale, on the one hand, and on the other hand a system of geolocation of delivery people available nearby.

Listening to the initiators, the new startup called Faangué was born from the observation that many people have difficulty finding a delivery person in more remote areas, and many are faced with a lack of delivery people if needed. It was therefore created to be a solution to these multiple shortcomings.

Brice Clovis Kaboré, head of the startup Faangué

Faangué, which means saving in the national language, Moore intends to meet several objectives, according to Brice Clovis Kaboré, head of the Faangué startup. « Its objective is to create jobs, promote the profession of delivery person through the use of ICT, have a single price for delivery throughout Burkina Faso, motivate the population to integrate the digital aspect into their habits, help the government in achieving your goals »he listed.

Furthermore, Faangué intends to have a huge impact in several areas, notably reducing the unemployment rate, reducing the gas shortage, and encouraging young people into entrepreneurship. And to achieve this, she set herself major challenges to overcome.

« Satisfy consumers and users, make wearing helmets compulsory for all delivery drivers, create 200 permanent jobs and more than 5,000 part-time jobs for delivery drivers of various products in all localities in our country, Burkina Faso, over a minimum period of 6 month », noted Brice Clovis Kaboré.

To benefit from Faangué’s services, three applications must be downloaded, the first is the client application, which initially allows you to find delivery people available in the area of ​​residence. The second option is to have gas delivered, regardless of your location (Bobo, Ouaga, Koudougou, editor’s note). The second application is the merchant application. The third is the delivery application, all accompanied by a web platform.

Siaka Ouattara, AFP PME project manager

Designed for the well-being of populations, the Faangué startup is praised by more than one. From the outset, the AFP PME project manager, Siaka Ouattara, congratulated the project. Furthermore, he notes the availability of AFP PME to support the new release. “ AFP PME supports this Faangué project, in the sense that it is supported by the diaspora and AFP PME has within it a project to support the diaspora. Secondly, it is a project that we find innovative in the sense that it will make it possible to resolve a crucial problem which is the question of the availability and location of butane gas. », Said Siaka Ouattara.

Launched today, September 22, 2023, the Faangué platform will be deployed and implemented no later than October 15, 2023.

Sié Frédéric KAMBOU

Burkina 24