The families of the victims of the Itaewon disaster are demanding the resignation of Minister Lee Sang-min and a parliamentary investigation

At the people’s strength meeting, the government and the ruling party were heavily criticized for their response
Jeong Jin-seok “I’m sorry… I promise to hand it over to the government.”
The bereaved families hit the desk with cries mixed with tears
Criticism of “the incident happened next to the president’s office, but no one is in charge”

▲ On the 6th, citizens continue to walk at the memorial altar for the victims of the Itaewon disaster at Noksapyeong Station plaza, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. 2022.11.06 News

On the 21st, the grieving families of the Itaewon disaster met with the leadership of the people’s power and demanded the resignation of Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min and a parliamentary investigation.

Around 10 bereaved families criticized the response of the government and the ruling party in a closed meeting held in the National Assembly that day. The meeting, held at the request of the bereaved families, was attended by Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee, Seong Il-jong, chairman of the Policy Committee, and members of the Itaewon People’s Power Accident Investigation and Safety Response Special Committee ‘.

Chairman Chung met with reporters and said, “I do it to listen to all the words of the bereaved family. I’m shedding tears right now.” After the two-hour meeting from 2:00 pm, he said, “It was then time to listen to the desperate words of the bereaved family.” Anger will rise inside, and the heartache is so great, what kind of writing will comfort you.” He continued, “As the ruling party in the government, I said I was very bad and guilty, and I said I would do my best to find out the cause of the accident, rectify the situation, and prevent it from happening again.”

The bereaved families criticized the measures and the subsequent response of the government and the ruling party. He raised his voice with a shout mixed with crying and hit the desk hard. The bereaved families protested, ‘How can this happen when the building has not collapsed’ and ‘How can this happen right next to the president’s office’.

After the meeting with Crym y Popl, the bereaved families had time to discuss separately. A, who met with reporters as a representative of the bereaved family, was furious with the government’s response, demanding the resignation of Minister Lee and an investigation into state affairs. Mr. said And, “Right now, there is no one in charge. He said, “Minister Lee must take responsibility and step down from there so that the truth can be properly investigated and the bereaved family cannot believe it.” Then, he criticized, “(Jeong Jin-seok), the head of the Brigade Committee, he only says things like ‘this is what the government is doing’, and I haven’t heard anything about this from time.” In addition, “If such an irresponsible incident happened in the middle of Seoul, next to the president’s office, there should be a quick apology and even one responsible person should show something. As the sun goes down, we feel the second and third pain more like bereaved families.”

Mr A criticized the fact that memorial tablets were not placed for the victims at the joint memorial altar for the Itaewon disaster. Also, “How old is the Sewol ferry and how can it be replicated? The government sees it as indirect murder.”

Regarding the government investigation, “Is it the headquarters of a special investigation or will it be properly investigated? I can’t believe the special issue,” he said. “I hope it happens along with the government’s investigation. It’s about uncovering the truth.”

Reporters Lee Min-young and his Son Ji-eun

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