The family revealed that Yang Talat Hospital took responsibility for the ambulance running a red light, killing a 60-year-old man.

The atmosphere of the funeral Uncle was hit by an ambulance in the middle of a sad intersection. The family lost its pillars. The mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality stands to inspect CCTV cameras. unable to use siege acceleration

On September 23 at Wat Pho Si Sawang Ban Nong Sirirat, Chiang Yuen Subdistrict, Chiang Yuen District, Maha Sarakham Province Mr. Boonyong Kaikhunthod 60 years old taken by ambulance Yang Talat Hospital Kalasin State crashes into the middle of an intersection before the flames engulf the body before dying at Chiang Yuen Hospital

The atmosphere at the funeral was mournful. There are relatives and neighbors to help prepare the event. Some people help wrap the coins in cellophane to use as sprinkles on the day of the funeral. The neighbors who heard the news came to the temple. Bring sticky rice, cloth, flowers and money to make merit to help the event. to deliver the souls of the deceased

Kaikhunthod Lamduan Mr The deceased brother, aged 68, said he heard the news at around 9 o’clock. I went into the emergency room. The doctor confirmed that it was Boonyong or not. As far as I can see from the outside, I can’t remember. But when he saw the scar on the right ribs, he remembered because he had been to an operation to have an abscess. As far as the doctor told me, the whole body burned more than 50%, the whole right rib was broken. brain damage The doctor pumped the heart until there was a vital sign. When I was sent to the hospital in Khon Kaen, I was in the car for less than a minute and my heart stopped beating again. Had 3-4 more heart pumps until the last round, told the doctor to do his best. If not, then let go.

Mrs Somchit Saenkham Relatives of the deceased said that when they first saw the clip, they did not know it was their own relatives. When I found out, I was shocked. I didn’t think something like this would happen to someone close to me. Yesterday, Yang Talat Hospital sent a representative to bring a wreath for delivery. and there has already been a pre-discussion. It is said that he is responsible for everything In the evening, I will come to conduct the Lord Buddha’s prayers. I want the driver to come and ask for forgiveness.

Miss Yupa Insena Aged 59, Mr Boonyong’s wife said her husband was a hardworking person. is the pillar of the house Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t smoke, work hard, be loved by all. After watching the clip, the green light has been on for a long time before my husband got out of the car. A man is the most careful. never drive fast be punctual Yesterday I was fussy because usually at 8:00 am I have to go home, but yesterday 8:30 am still not home. so they went to call the youngest brothers to take them out to get them Just as the police called the oldest brother of the village and heard the news.

Ms Yupa said I want justice for my husband I want people who have car accidents to ask for forgiveness to forgive each other. before the day of the burning you won’t have to worry There is no need to book a place and there is no waiting

“Yesterday, a representative came. already discussed I was asked if I would take anything. He replied that he did not want to take the matter. But the husband is the pillar of the house. Without a husband, there is no one to rely on. because he was just an ordinary farmer I understand it was an accident. but want to get better because now there are no people to rely on,” said Ms Yupa.

side Narasit Kaikhuntod Mr Aged 34, the deceased’s son said the father had a new family for more than 20 years, never had a problem. He and his stepmother went to see each other as usual. A father will care more about others than himself. Everything in the father’s house will always be taken care of. Now that the pillars are missing, fatherless, stepmother is confused.

Narasit said Mr. From the clip that appeared, there was a drama about honoring his father’s horn. I think it’s wrong too. But it has been a green light for a long time. According to the clip, he saw his father turn around and look, but the light turned green, so the father slowly got out of the car and the ambulance crashed. But on the other hand, he thought it was an accident. Nobody wants that to happen. can’t blame him

Reporters reported that at 1:30 pm ago. Chanwit Putburi Mr The Mayor of Chiang Yuen Sub-District Municipality Together with officers from related agencies, they examined CCTV cameras at Chiang Yuen intersection, Chiang Yuen District, after yesterday (September 22) an ambulance from Yang Talat Hospital hit a motorcycle in the middle of the intersection. Before the fire caused the death of Mr. Boonyong.

said Mr Chanwit After the incident, the officers examined the CCTV at the intersection. which is set 4 It seems that the image cannot be saved. therefore notify the repair technician in the area to carry out the repair work Because in the past, rain and storms entered Chiang Yuen District from August until now. As a result, 47 CCTV cameras were installed within the municipality of Chiang Yuen Sub-District in several places. Unable to save images. The fix is ​​now done. Some cameras are now able to record images.

said Mr Chanwit Accept that the camera system is still old. It lags When one of them has a problem Nearby cameras will also have problems. which has been in use for quite some time It has received a subsidy since 2014.

“This matter, if anyone sees it as a story about a cow that disappears and surrounds the stall It is asked to be the point of view of each individual. Because the municipality, when it knows the problem, will always go to work to fix it. In 2023, it has set a budget to prepare and install a new CCTV camera. to be able to record incidents AND help prevent crime problems that may occur in the area,” said Sub-District Municipal Mayor Chiang Yuen.

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