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The famous director still has a reputation for the two poles of “Dune”, the remake curse that “Dune” has not escaped |

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Original title: The famous director still has a reputation as a bipolar remake of “Dune”

Less than a week after the first movie appeared on the big screen, the sequel was fixed non-stop, known as the “hardest sci-fi film to adapt,” and the “fast” operation of “Dune” was overwhelming and irritating. I wonder if this adaptation is really that difficult. It goes without saying that although “Dune”, which brings together actors such as “Sweet Tea” and “Thanks”, is not lacking in attention, the reputation of the first film is polarized, and as of 15:00 on October 27, the domestic box office has accumulated 167 million yuan. The tepid market performance seems to prove that adaptation is indeed not an easy task. At the same time, it also planted a seed of doubt for the effect of the film sequel.

Screening, fixed files are in full swing

On October 27, according to media reports, Legendary Pictures and Warner had announced that the movie “Dune” would be a sequel and confirmed that “Dune 2” was scheduled to be released in North America on October 20, 2023.

At this time, the first film of “Dune” had just appeared on the big screen for less than a week, and it was released intensively and set files. In a flash, the news that the second film was clearly filmed and set files was overwhelming. Hot discussion. As of press time by a reporter from Beijing Business Daily, the Weibo topic “Sand Dune 2 Finalized” has been read more than 100 million times.

It is worth noting that the confirmed production of “Dune 2” has been heard before. In September this year, “Dune” director Denis Villeneuve revealed information about the sequel at the Venice Film Festival, and said that the preparations for “Dune 2” have been completed. “When you shoot a movie of the next episode At the time, you will always do all the preparations. If the producer can give a green light, then I can start shooting this film in 2022 because I have all the preparations.”

As far as the film is concerned, the film lineup can be called a high profile. Director Villeneuve has directed science fiction adaptations of the films “Blade Runner 2049” and “Arrival”, which rarely misses, and are often compared with the great director Nolan, known as the “Wat God”. In the cast, there are Timothy Chalamet, who is called “Sweet Tea” by Chinese audiences, Jason Momoa, starring in “Aquaman”, and Josh Bu, who plays Thanos in “Avengers”. Lorraine.

Regarding the details of the production of “Dune 2”, Dennis Villeneuve further stated that in the first film, “Sweet Tea” played a genius boy and embarked on an adventure together with the Freeman played by actor Zandaya. Road, and in “Dune 2”, the two will continue to play, and the film will have more action scenes, and the dialogue scenes will be relatively reduced.

Polarized word of mouth for the first work

Although “Dune 2” took advantage of the heat of the first film to quickly confirm the shooting plan and schedule, whether the film can receive market feedback as expected is still a question mark. The reason is that the current “Dune” is being questioned. The first thing that must be said is the reality of the polarization of word-of-mouth.

According to Douban Movies, as of press time by a reporter from Beijing Business Daily, “Dune” has a score of 7.9, among which five-star and four-star ratings account for 25.5% and 47.2%, respectively, and three stars and below account for about 27% in total. . Although the score is not low, the audience’s evaluation is different.

Some viewers believe that the film restores the worldview and plot in the original novel as much as possible, and at the same time realizes the immersive audio-visual enjoyment of the film’s picture and sound effects, post-production special effects, and service, and the scene is magnificent and shocking. But at the same time, another part of the audience made the opposite voice, saying that although the film was gorgeous, it was long, empty, and slow in pace. After watching it for a while, it would like to fall asleep or play with a mobile phone.

Different from Marvel-style Hollywood movies, the narrative style and film quality of “Dune” is an anti-type commercial blockbuster, which is subject to public reputation controversy or the fate of this movie. The artistic threshold of the film and the complexity of the story’s narrative difficulty determine to a large extent that it is difficult for this version of “Dune” to become a hit in China.

Perhaps due to the influence of word of mouth and other aspects, “Dune” is not tepid at the domestic box office. According to the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 15:00 on October 27, the cumulative domestic box office of “Dune” was 167 million yuan, and the pre-screening media box office was predicted to be 200 million-280 million yuan, which is in line with “Dune” in the global market. There is a contrast between the box office exceeding US$220 million, the box office of North America exceeding US$40 million, and the box office of France and Russia exceeding US$20 million. Regarding the domestic market feedback of “Dune”, a reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily contacted the filming party, but as of press time, no response was received.

Adaptation, trade-offs and balance determine market trends

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily noted that the polarized performance of “Dune” is also related to the characteristics of the audience. Audiences who have watched the original novel tend to give a more positive evaluation of the film, while those who have not been exposed to the original novel before. Many viewers directly stated that they could not accept the film’s settings and worldview. “This fact also confirms from the side why this work is called’the most difficult science fiction film to adapt’.” Film critic Liu He said.

For those who have not read the original novel, the threshold and difficulty of understanding the movie “Dune” is indeed not low. There are a total of six original novels in “Dune”, which tells about the future of human beings leaving the earth 10,000 years ago, opening the era of interstellar colonization, in order to snatch the most important energy “spices” in the universe, on the planet “Eracos” War broke out. The movie released this time only shows the first half of the first part. In the struggle for power, the young Paul Otridi is slowly awakening. The plot suddenly came to a halt when the little prince just took up the weapon of revenge. end.

Public information shows that the original “Dune” is the first work to win both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award, and has been rated as a must-read classic in the history of science fiction by many lists. Liu He said that the volume of the original novel is far from what the movie can fully show in more than two hours. This is one of the reasons why “Dune” was made into a series of films. The first work is more about creating a foundation for the worldview and explaining the previous plot. To a certain extent, it also has the functions of preface and summary, which makes some viewers think that the film has no content and is familiar with the original work. You will not be puzzled by this, and you will be able to immerse yourself in the film to enjoy the film. Therefore, the film brings a so-called “threshold” to some unfamiliar audiences.

In fact, the problem of film and television has been plagued by “Dune.” Gu Bei, one of the translators of the Chinese version of “Dune”, once published an article that “Dune” is not only a science fiction novel, but also contains religion, belief, politics, economy, philosophy, military, technology, society, ethnicity, and culture. , Tradition and other issues. At the same time, its accomplishments in the fields of ecology, environmental science, and biological evolution have almost reached the level of academic papers. In the first part of “Dune”, nearly one-third of the space is used to describe the grand setting of the world, and such a grand setting makes any film narrative helpless.

In the eyes of industry insiders, the process of adaptation is also a process of weighing and choosing. Each choice will have varying degrees of impact on the market feedback of the work. There is no perfection, nor can it be recognized by all audiences. There is only choice. Find a position that suits you, and help you achieve reasonable goals through balance and adjustment and high-quality production.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter Zheng Rui


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