The fans are terrified! BLACKPINK’s Rose dress almost fell off in the middle of the concert.

Rosé, the female member of girl group BLACKPINK, handles clothing mishaps like a pro!

On March 11, 2023, BLACKPINK continued their world tour with performances in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, during the concert, Rosé faced a sudden situation that would make many people panic. Especially when performing “Hard To Love”, the strap of the dress she was wearing almost fell off, almost revealing the body of the idol star. Fortunately, Rosé managed to catch the top half of the dress in time, and she asked the male dancers to help her bandage her neck This is a professional handling of a potentially dangerous situation.

Because of this, many people expressed dissatisfaction with BLACKPINK’s stylists and made comments such as

“This almost turned out to be a big deal”, “Rose is in great danger of exposing herself”, and “The dancers make sense too”.

Rose’s professionalism impressed fans and the public alike, however, many still raised their concerns. and asked BLACKPINK’s stylists to pay more attention to the famous girl group’s stage clothes. to avoid future accidents


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