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“Internet Explorer 11” should have died last time

Previously, I told you how to start Internet Explorer 11 just by clicking the mouse even in an environment where “Internet Explorer 11” has stopped. However, it was quite tedious as I had to navigate through several tabs, buttons and links from the dialog[Internet Options].

However, according to suggestions from readers, there is an easier way.

Click on the button[?]in the top right corner of the dialog[Internet Options]. The familiar “IE 11” will start and the official Microsoft support site will be displayed. I was able to reproduce it properly not only in a Windows 10 environment, but also in a Windows 11 environment, which should not have “IE 11” installed.

Click on the button[?]in the top right corner of the dialog[Internet Options].

A familiar “IE 11” starts. OK for Windows 11

If you’re not using commands or scripts, this is probably the fastest way to call “IE 11”, right? If anyone knows of a faster way, please let me know.

By the way, if you can use the command, I think the fastest way is to run “iexplore.exe -extoff”. Try using the dialogue[Run]([Windows]+[R]key).

Apparently, the redirection to “Edge” seems to be realized by an add-on, and it seems that “IE 11” can be started by disabling this. The method of removing the addition by gonyogonyo also seems to be effective.

Post-note: Although we have received your suggestions, we are very late in presenting them due to a lack of resources on our part. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize and thank you. Also, this article does not recommend using “IE 11”. Instead, use a modern browser like “Microsoft Edge”, or if you can only open it with “IE 11”, use “IE mode” from “Edge”.


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