The FDA issued a sword to advertise “Cordyceps” showing exaggerated properties to deceive the UDD.

FDA to advertise cordyceps products, exaggerating their properties Prosecuting the producers, advertisers, both celebrities – presenter. Content maker And all involved There are penalties for both memory and fines. Warn people not to be believed. May lose the opportunity to treat disease. Repeatedly, Cordyceps products that the FDA have allowed. There are properties of just nourishing the body. Can not cure any disease at all

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Repeatedly unfolding a nude male model’s house party in Rangsit area, 50 people

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On January 29, Dr. Suphattra Bunserm, Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration revealed that according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) integrated with the Office of the Broadcasting Commission. Television business And the National Telecommunications Business (NBTC) managed advertising for sale of Cordyceps products with a star singer as a presenter. It boasted of medicinal properties through various media, causing the public to lose the opportunity to treat the disease properly. In part, the FDA has examined such media. Found advertisements that violate the Food Act 2522 B.E.

1. Advertising of Cordyceps Mixed with Multi-Vitamin B (Dietary Supplement) and Dietary Supplements Cordyceps extract mixed with UC-II (Leafness trademark) on the manufacturer’s website with messages such as “… Properties of Cordyceps for the body. Lowering blood sugar levels Improve sexual performance … restore the renal system … chronic kidney failure … cure lung cancer … Allergy … helps stop cancer cells from spreading. Get rid of bacteria, viruses “

2. Advertising of dietary supplements Cordyceps extract mixed with UC-II (Leafness trademark) on a television channel detected by the NBTC, broadcast in an interview program. There was a guest who was a presenter to share the experience of using the product that makes it fresh, good sleep, and recover from knee pain. Can come back to squat Recommend that the elderly with knee arthritis eat And interviewing users of products with underlying diseases, such as insomnia, joint pain, and after eating the product, the symptoms that were improved “

The ads of both channels are advertisements without permission. And advertise false benefits, quality or properties Misleading There is a maximum penalty, imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of not more than 30,000 baht or both, which the FDA has ordered to suspend advertising. Ready to take administrative measures against food companies Advertisers, including presenter And all stakeholders And there is a letter to the police, the Consumer Protection Division (BMA) for prosecution under the law. The NBTC has been coordinated by Lieutenant General Dr. Peerapong. Mr. Manakit NBTC Committee on the Meeting of the Consumer Protection Sub-Committee on Broadcasting and Television Business There was a resolution to punish an administrative fine against 2 satellite TV channels in the case of advertising products of Cordyceps, boasting, exaggerating, deceitful, exaggerating, five hundred thousand baht each, and finding another 1 satellite TV station that will be subject to a fine of 500,000 baht More than 10 satellite TV stations and more than 150 radio stations have been warned to stop advertising, the NBTC will be vigilant. If it is found that the order does not comply, it will be fined again. Despite switching to other health products advertising If he is overly boastful and deceitful, it can be considered that he did not follow the instructions Have the right to be considered a fine And warn to the operators of various satellite box networks that if the channels in that network are at fault The network will also be punished. Which range from the same warning and fine as the channel In order not to continue to be a bad example for society

The Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA said at the end that Cordyceps products that are permitted by the FDA come in 2 groups: traditional medicine and food products containing cordyceps as an ingredient. Properties to nourish the body only, so the advertising in the above manner confirms that it is not true. People who consume Cordyceps don’t expect it to help heal ailments. In addition to waste money unnecessarily It may also lose the opportunity to treat the disease properly as well. If the product advertising is found exaggerating Or not being safe from consumption Complaints can be made via the hotline at least 1556.







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