“The fear of renting a hundred villas to apartments… the new towns of Incheon and Gyeonggi are in a charter war [부동산360]”- Herald Economy

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Less demand for jeonse and a decrease in jeonse prices at the same time

Apartment complex in Geomdan New Town, Seo-gu, Incheon.[헤럴드경제DB]

[헤럴드경제=이민경 기자] The ‘Cheonse War’, predicted a year ago, has become a reality with the jeon crisis from the back and tin jeonse, which is exactly the opposite. In particular, in new townhouses on the outskirts of Incheon and Gyeonggi-do, sales with stories often come out.

According to a survey by the Korea Real Estate Agency on the 26th, this week (from the 21st), the national charter supply and demand index was 77.1, and the metropolitan area was 70.5, which also fell further than last week. This means that the number of rental properties is increasing, but the number of renters is decreasing. Jeonse prices are also constantly dropping. According to KB Real Estate data, the jeonse price of apartments in Seo-gu, Incheon, to which Geomdan New Town belongs, has plunged 5.5% compared to last May, and 9% in Yangju.

In areas where new move-ins continue, such as Geomdan New Town in Incheon and Okjeong Town in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province, reverse jeonse and jeonse for flats are easy to find.

In Geomdan New Town, there is a unique 84㎡ worth 180 million won among the last ‘Daebang Dieter The Hill’ apartment charted for sale between last month and January 17 next year. It is not a bait sale, but a real sale, but since the landlord has a loan of 200 million won, given the maximum bond (120%), it should be seen that 240 million won is maintained.

The pre-sale price of this apartment is 400 million won, so if the jeonse and the loans are already combined, it is already well over 100% of the pre-sale price, which equivalent to tin jeonse. It is a very dangerous item, as if the house goes to auction later, the tenant has to go through a civil lawsuit because it is a lower priority.

An unusual sale took place at Prugio’s Okjeong Central Park apartment in Yangju-Ok Spirit City. This is a case where the jeonse deposit was raised to the maximum in June last year, when the jeonse crisis was at its height. It is said that it can be bought for 310 million won provided that the tenant who entered the jeonse at 320 million won will be succeeded. As the deposit is higher than the market price, it is of course a can charter.

In addition, in this transaction, the seller instead gives 10 million won to the buyer. The landlord, who could not solve the tin jeonse on his own, proceeded to get rid of it even after suffering a loss of 10 million won. At the moment, the charter price of this complex has dropped to the won level of 150 million.

An authorized real estate agent in Okjeongjeong City said, “As new apartments are continuously supplied in the vicinity, tenants can move to a new apartment rental house every two years.” Now, the charter is less than half price, so the fire is in. the foot,” he explained.

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