The February heating bill came out

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It wasn’t long before I was surprised that the heating bill came out so high last month, but in some areas, a heating bill was announced to be paid in February.

People who accepted it responded that “the last bill was just a taste” and “the February bill was the real bomb”.

How long would that be?

Reporter Kim Seong-hyun reports.

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Nam Ji-young, a real estate agent who lives in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, received a city gas bill in February through a mobile phone application.

The city’s gas bill in February earned 268,000.

Almost 60% of the city gas bill earned jumped from 170,500 on this month’s bill, known as the ‘bomb rate’.

It cannot be compared to last month’s or December’s city gas bill. He won 160,000, up 2.4 times.


“I heated almost the same in January (for billing) and February (for billing), but this month (for February) the bill was really too high.”

Nam received the city’s gas bill this time because he set the payment date to the 10th of every month.

The bill that Nam received for the month of February included the use of city gas from mid-December to mid-January last year.

Although it is a figure that does not even reflect the amount of use during the severe cold wave after the Lunar New Year holidays, it has already hit a heating cost bomb more than a month ago.


“The bill for January was said to be a real bomb, but back then it seemed to be on an aegyo level.

In fact, the consultation center of a city gas supplier was overwhelmed with complaint calls.

[도시가스업체 전화상담사]

“They call me often, asking, ‘Can you come out this far?’. There is nothing we can do for you. The only thing we can do is ask for your understanding.. .”

Neighbours, who will soon be checking their heating bills, are also concerned.


“I’m old enough and I try to save living costs by saving if possible, but suddenly heating bills come out like that, so it’s a lot of pressure.”

Most residents will receive their city gas bill in the middle of next month.

This is MBC News Kim Seong-hyun.

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