The feeling after listening to The Happiest Girl by BLACKPINK (with clip), one of the best songs in the BORN PINK album.

Hello Blinks pupils are looking forward to each other for a year, more than 4 BLACKPINK girls will be ready to come back. Finally, the waiting equation Comes with the album BORN PINK, the work of 4 BLACKPINK girls, which was recently released on September 16, 2022. BLACKPINK girls and staff have worked hard, waiting for fans and Blinks to listen and us any disappointment will definitely be But what we like the most is the song “The Happiest Girl”, which makes me feel really in love with the song. But before I tell you how I feel about the song The Happiest Girl, let me introduce the names of the 8 songs in the BORN PINK album first.

BIRTH PINK ALBUM PHOTO There are 8 songs in the album, each with a style of music that surprises us. Ready to rock with the rhythm of hip-hop and ballad music. If music is like food, it’s a variety of flavors. 8 songs are:

  1. Pink poison
  2. Shut Down
  3. Typa Girl
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  5. Heart for Love
  6. The Happiest Girl
  7. Tally
  8. Ready For Love


All Blinks pupils will definitely not miss listening to the whole album. But there is another song apart from Pink Venom and the title track on the album “Shut Down”. “The Happiest Girl”

The Happiest Girl The songs heard convey the meaning of unrequited love. Think back that our love right now is not happy. want to go back to the beginning I want to go back to being a happy woman. Back to being who I used to be

what Surprise In this song you can hear the cry of Lisa who did not rap in this song but she can be a singer And Jisoo, the big brother of the band, releases items that are worthy of the Vocal position. Her voice is very touching. Jisoo hyung can use high tones very well. Usually we can hear Jisoo unnie’s voice in a low and powerful tone. But this song has changed the style of singing. The other two, Jenny and Rosé. They both had their own unique voices. cry, I could feel the feeling The pain was very good and the 4 BLACKPINK girls always did everything well.

rate the song The Happiest Girl we go 10/10 I want to say that I like it a lot. I like it the most Listen to it every day Open it over and over many times We give this song 1st place If the 3 places I’m arranged n likes the most in this album are 1. The Happiest Girl 2. Shut Down 3. Typa Girl’s Friends try to listen and try to arrange the rankings. What kind of songs do you personally like?

Who hasn’t listened to the song yet? The Happiest Girl Don’t forget to listen. including all 7 of their songs in the album BORNPINK Guarantee that you will not be disappointed and that you will feel the novelty of the music genre before the previous album as well. And today there is a Y Ferch Hapusaf song for you too.

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