The feeling after playing Gundam Evolution!

Gundam Evolution is a game based on the anime series Gandum, a melee robot anime that has been with us for a long time. Making it many fans, it is no wonder that it has become a game. The genre of this game is Hero Shooting which allows us to choose a Gundam to explode with the other party. With up to 17 characters to choose from! But at the beginning it is locked to 5, we have to unlock it after the Battle Pass or money. At the moment the shop is still closed so no one can buy a character .So it’s very fair.

To play, the gameplay is very fun. The type that is addicted to playing all day! Like Battlefeild mixed with Overwatch, we will be in a wide area and change sides to do missions such as placing bombs or capturing various points on the map. This game will change sides. Defensive attack By pressing play once, you will definitely play on both sides and measure who has the best score.

GUNDAM EVOLUTION |しますまする「ガンダムエクシア「マラサイUC」ムービ」 1 GUNDA EVOlution!

When it comes to combat, this game is really fun. But it is also very fast. All will die very quickly. Make the fight in this game I don’t know what happened. But there are many fighting techniques. You have to deal damage in order to fill the Gate Anti. By the end of each can turn the battle! or that we can control the opponent’s talent down But it was dipped and trampled on us like that! Apply enough to play as a team. All Gundams have been played. Have fun all the time, there is no one who feels inferior to the villagers. The bar will be the highlight of this game.

unknown 10 |  GUNDAM EVOLUTION |  The feeling after playing Gundam Evolution!

But this game has bugs and a lot of them, sometimes the game freezes. and drop the game. Or is it a click to see the decorations for this one, but it bounces to another? In this game, if our friends are dropped, the game will restart immediately and go back to find a new room, but the leeches or something are rarely seen in this game.

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