Home Entertainment The female power “Winnie-Om” smashed together Nuo helped “Ho-Must” protect society in “Fah, Rock, Earth, Sand”.

The female power “Winnie-Om” smashed together Nuo helped “Ho-Must” protect society in “Fah, Rock, Earth, Sand”.

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26 April 2021 08:40

COVID-19 Coming strong to overtake every curve Where did you go? Stay healthy. Eat hot .. middle spoon .. wash your hands .. put on the mask every time you go out of the house, 18.45 hrs. Do not forget to open channel 7HD, press 35, watch the romantic drama “Fa Hin Din Sai”. Soi 6 Productions are the most fun, especially on Monday, April 26, with the action scenes to chase the drug traffickers of Din (Thanakorn Sribanchong) with Providence (Must Somitphong Sakulpongchai) Is the same time that Fahsai (Winnie-Siphacharada, Skin Thong) Come and find out, followed by. Everyone hit each other in chaos. Sai (Aom-Angkana Woraratanachai) Cart to sell fruit to join as well.

Punch .. feet .. knees .. elbows .. according to the exact practice, but how are 2 people going to fight 4 people? Small but the fighting skills are good. The more the style, the more the stroller moves, this threatens the audience to wow. He has a knife, but Om has a cutting board. Where did you come to be afraid? The action queen !! A new person reported cutting to Nong Winnie, watching the heart-pounding event. What do you do with the story in front of you? Look left..Look right, grab a piece of wood, hit the villain who lifted the knife to stab This work does not know whether the head or tail. But they did their best Do not let the good people get discouraged .. Help each other send encouragement for them to continue to do for society in the drama “Fah Hin Din Sai” Monday, April 26 at 6:45 PM on Channel 7HD press 35

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