The female president of the well-known camping equipment Snow Peak has been shocked to get younger! The husband is pregnant and resigns

Risa Yamai (right), the female president of Snow Peak, a well-known camping equipment, was shocked to get younger! The husband was pregnant and resigned. On the left is his father Yamai Tai. (From

Risa Yamai, the 34-year-old female president of Snow Peak, a well-known Japanese camping equipment company, was shocked that she had an affair with a married man, and became pregnant. She officially resigned as president on the 21st of this month. , also Yamai Risa’s 62-year-old father, Yamai Tai, who also serves as the president.

According to Japan’s “Mainichi Shimbun”, Snow Peak officially announced on the 21st of this month that the 34-year-old president Risa Yamai has officially resigned. On the same day, an interim board of directors was held and the resignation was made formal The father of the president, Yamai Tai, also served as the president. In addition, the company also admitted that Yamai Risa resigned as president because she was dating her husband and became pregnant.

Risa Yamai is the third generation successor to Snow Peak Group, she joined the company in 2012 and took over as president in March 2020 at the age of 32. After Yamai Risa took over the management level of the company, she has performed well. The sales at the end of 2021 have doubled compared to the end of 2019 before she took office. It can be seen that Yamai’s ability to operate Risa is really impressive.

Risa Yamai has a good relationship with the workers.  (From Yamai has a good relationship with the workers.  (From

Risa Yamai has a good relationship with the workers. (From

In addition, Yamai Risa has a good relationship with the workers, judging from the life photos shared by netizens, Yamai Risa does not have the air of the elder woman of the family, and she often gets along with the workers . So, this time, the rumor of an affair and his resignation scared the industry. As for who is Yamai Risa’s hotter object? Are you also an employee of the company? Currently unknown.

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