The female principal defrauded the students’ parents with 210 million yuan and 130 million yuan to play games…The misdemeanor was exposed and committed suicide by disappearing | International | CTWANT

A principal of a primary school in Mainland China defrauded the parents of students and committed suicide after being exposed. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

The educator who nurtures talents has turned into a scammer. Tong Min, a primary school female principal of “Tianli Education”, a well-known educational institution in mainland China, claimed that she could buy shares in Tianli kindergartens and training schools, defrauding thousands of parents and friends. Yuan, and invested about 30 million yuan to store a “Datang Wushuang” online game. In the end, after the fraud was exposed in June this year, she left her children and husband to disappear, and finally chose to end her life.

According to Lu Media reports, Tong Min was an excellent teacher, won many high-quality curriculum competition awards, and served as the principal of Hejiang Tianli Primary School under the well-known educational institution “Tianli Education”. However, from 2017 to 2020, she was right Parents, friends and relatives of the students claimed that they could buy shares in Tianli kindergartens, training schools, etc., using high returns as bait to defraud them, making a total of about 50 million yuan (about NT$217 million).

Tong Min is also addicted to online games. According to investigations, she has actually stored about 30 million yuan (about NT$130 million) on the game platform in a role-playing online game in the past 7 years. “Tang Wushuang”, to lead the team to win the game’s “Annual Champion” throne for two consecutive years.

According to a game depositor surnamed Ye, he began to store value in Tong Min’s game account in 2016 and continued until May 31, 2021. He also deposited more than 60 funds on behalf of Tong Min. A senior player of “Datang Wushuang” said that Tong Min is very famous and rich in the game, and almost no one knows her amazing spending power. She even hired 4 to 5 power leveling players to Build your own super dream team.

Tong Min’s scammers’ guild was exposed because investors found out that they had invested and there was no follow-up news. In addition, Tong Min started to abandon his family and lost contact, and all investors were shocked to be deceived. Min committed suicide in June this year, so everyone went to Tianli Educational Institution to seek justice. However, the agency stated that in December 2020, the company discovered that Tong Min had fabricated company investment projects to defraud colleagues, and had been relieved of her position. Unexpectedly, she continued to swindle afterwards. The company was completely unaware of this. Its founder Luo Shi is being investigated for this.



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