The Fields Medal, dean of Seoul National University College of Natural Sciences, is not over… When thinking about nurturing talent

Dean Jae-Jun Yoo “I hope this great event will be an opportunity to discuss the development of the education system”
In the semiconductor industry, priority is given to nurturing researchers… “Think 10 years from now, not the garden.”

“It is a very happy and good thing for Professor Heo Jun-yi to receive the Fields Award, but it does not seem to be a one-time thing to welcome and end.

Jun Huh (39, June Huh), the first Korean mathematician to be honored with the Fields Award He said it is time to think about it.

He evaluated Professor Huh’s award as an important starting point for reflecting and contemplating the direction of Korea’s higher education broadly, and Seoul National University’s College of Natural Sciences narrowly, nurturing talent.

Dean Yoo said, “Professor Huh, who had never been interested in physics, met Fields Medal-winning Professor Heisuke Hironaka, who was coming to school for the ‘Nobel Prize for Scholarship Program,’ and listened to lectures and interviewed as a reporter for the school’s media, which gave him mathematical inspiration.” said

“This story is very informative as it is an example of what students have to offer to reach their full potential,” he said.

After meeting Professor Hironaka, he was inspired and worked hard to develop himself, and he had a lot of support, such as the fact that he had an advisor, Young-Hoon Kim of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, who was able to help him in time. Dean Yoo explained that there was.

Dean Yoo said, “Teaching a professor to follow what the professor is doing is a thing of the past when it was important to follow (foreign). An important turning point has come to develop first movers (like Professor Huh),” he emphasized.

He said, “I think that Professor Huh’s receiving the Fields Medal is a step in that direction.” He said, “I used to compare discovering and nurturing excellent talent to the gold medals of the Taereung athletes.

Dean Yoo also pointed out that there is no long-term consideration in the recent policy on nurturing semiconductors promoted by the Ministry of Education.

He said, “SNU manpower nurturing should be supported by thinking about whether it can contribute to the economy and industry of Korea in the next 10 years, and what kind of system should be prepared for it,” he said.

Dean Yoo said, “If you say that you are nurturing good manpower in the semiconductor field, you can double major in physics and chemistry related to materials and nanostructures of semiconductors, study overall semiconductors, and then study specialized contents in-depth at the graduate school. After that, it should be structured so that some of them go out into the industry.”

He also said, “It’s not just a matter of gardening, but at least 10 years and thinking about creating a virtuous cycle (between academia and industry).”

Dean Yoo also expressed his hope that Professor Huh’s receiving the Fields Medal would serve as an opportunity for the development of the school.

He said, “There has been a lot of internal discussion about the problems of Seoul National University’s education so far,” he said.

He added, “The existing system has produced a lot of very good students, but I hope it will serve as an opportunity to reflect Professor Huh’s great inclination with a crouched mind before jumping one step bigger.”

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