The final 24 members of KBO, Hangzhou AG revealed on the 9th… Coach Joong-il Ryu-Director Gye-hyeon Cho announced directly

Reporter Kim Dong-yoon of Star News | 2023.06.07 17:01

2022 Hangzhou Asian Games baseball reserve roster. /Photo = KBO

The announcement of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team roster came two days later. The Korea Baseball Organization announced on the 7th that “the final entry for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games will be announced at 2:00 pm on the 9th.

It’s been about two months since the 198-man preliminary roster was released on April 28. The national team’s preliminary roster includes 147 players (17 newcomers) and 33 wild cards (86 pitchers , 19 catchers, 47 infielders, 28 outfielders) under 25 or under 4. A total of 198 players, including 18 amateur players (10 pitchers), were selected and submitted to the Korea Sports Association through the Korea Softball Association.

The Asian Games baseball team decided to include players under the age of 25 or under the age of 4 for reasons of generational change. Since the KBO League will not be suspended during the Asian Games, 1-3 players are selected for each club. A total of three wild cards are selected, with no age or annual membership restrictions.

2022 Hangzhou Asian Games baseball reserve roster. /Photo = KBO

The KBO said, “This preliminary list selection is for young players with excellent skills to achieve more growth through experience and achievements in international competitions, and based on this, to show fans a higher level of performance in the KBO League and future international competitions. The selection principle of forming a team that can deliver proxies and achievement was considered a top priority.”

The roster includes more than 10 players from each team. Among the rookies, named ‘No. 1 general’ Kim Seo-hyun (19, Hanwha). In addition, Tokyo 2020 Olympic members Choi Won-joon (Doosan) and Park Se-woong (Lotte) were also included as wild cards.

Based on the results of the recent season, the Power Reinforcement Committee selected players who were not banned as national team players, and even amateur players were included in this list based on the recommendation of the Korea Baseball Association. Based on league experience, the Wild Card consists of players who can lead young players as future national team leaders and make up for weak positions.

The final players of the selected national team will be assembled in September to train in Korea and then leave for Hangzhou, China, where they will compete from October 1 to 7.

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