The Financial Services Commission ordered the top 5 virtual asset exchanges in Korea to remove securities tokens.

The Financial Services Commission was found to have issued instructions to officials of the five major domestic virtual asset (cryptocurrency) exchanges to classify and delist ‘token securities’ among listed virtual assets.

News 1 reported on the 1st, saying, “The purpose of virtual assets with the nature of securities, regardless of the form of issue, is ‘token securities’ rather than ‘token securities’.”

The media said, “If the guidelines are realized, there is a high possibility that many of the tokens listed and traded on existing virtual asset exchanges will be delisted or transferred to securities companies.” I drew the line saying I can’t do that,” he explained.

DAXA is expected to collect opinions and inquiries from all companies through the transaction support division by the 9th of this month and submit them to the Financial Services Commission.

Reporter Jeong Hyo-rim Bloomingbit


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