The Financial Supervisory Service Bank is a financial breakwater… Protection of the vulnerable is linked to the interest rate on deposits

Regarding whether or not to re-investigate the Discovery incident, “I have no special plan, just follow the procedure”
John Lee’s ‘borrowed-name investment allegations’ frequent inspection… “I’ve checked and I’m going to take a look”
“There is no large-scale personnel plan” in the statement of the senior vice president

Director Lee Bok-hyeon of the Financial Supervisory Service said on the 20th, “Banks act as a breakwater for finance and economy.” .

After a meeting with the bank president at the Bank Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul on the same day, President Lee answered the question of whether he would adjust the rate of increase in loan interest rates in the future at a meeting with reporters.

“We discussed the preparations for risk management in the banking sector,” he said.

The financial authorities are working with banks to improve the calculation system and disclosure of the loan-to-deposit interest rate, which is interpreted as re-emphasizing their will.

However, the FSS added that it is difficult to define an appropriate level of the loan-to-deposit interest rate.

A senior official at the Financial Supervisory Service said, “The level of the reasonable loan-to-deposit interest rate varies from bank to bank and from country to country.” “It is difficult to judge whether the current additional interest rate is high or low because the interest rate is managed in consideration of the situation of individual banks and the rate of interest rate increase. “he explained.

While it is known that Lee Chan-woo, Senior Vice President of the Financial Supervisory Service, recently expressed his resignation to Lee Bok-hyun, Director Lee said that he is not planning a large-scale reshuffle at the moment.

Regarding the direction of executive recruitment, he said, “Right now, due to various complex crises, we have not considered a large-scale personnel management right now.”

He emphasized, “Right now, cooperation with the industry, such as overcoming the crisis, is more important than reorganizing the internal personnel organization.”

Normally, when a new head of the Financial Supervisory Service takes office, it is customary to receive a lump sum resignation from the executives and ask whether or not to reapply.

Regarding the recent repetition of financial accidents such as embezzlement within financial companies, President Lee said, “I also had discussions with the bank presidents regarding the internal control system. I will,” he said.

Regarding the case of embezzlement worth 60 billion won at Woori Bank, he said, “The investigation is currently focused on major financial accidents.” It is a necessary matter,” he said.

According to an official from the Financial Supervisory Service, the FSS’s inspections related to Woori Bank will be conducted until the end of this month.

At the end of last month, at the Securities and Futures Commission, IBK was fined 1.8 billion won and Shinhan Bank was fined 300 million won for the suspension of redemption of the Discovery Fund.

In response to a related question, Director Lee said, “There is no special plan other than to proceed according to the procedure.”

Recently, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) is investigating whether Meritz Asset Management has violated laws and regulations after conducting regular inspections against Meritz Asset Management’s allegations of borrowed-name investment by John Lee.

When asked if this could be the first case where the will to ‘severe illegal acts’ expressed in his inaugural address could be applied, President Lee said, “I have checked (the suspicion) and will take a look.”

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