The Finnish border is also paralyzed by Putin’s Movement Order… Only 500m waiting lines for Russian escape vehicles

On the 23rd (local time), two days after the ‘order to mobilize the reserve army of 300,000′ was implemented in Russia, there was an untimely traffic disturbance on the border between the two countries as Russian citizens tried to escape to’ r Finland, a neighboring country. .

According to Reuters, in front of the first checkpoint in Balima, located on the border between the two countries, a car procession to leave Russia arrived about 500 meters early this morning. The line at the Nuizama 2nd checkpoint was also longer than usual. A spokesman for the Finnish Border Guard said on the same day that it was “still busy this morning,” and “maybe a little more than yesterday.”

According to the Border Guard, it has been confirmed that the number of Russian citizens wishing to enter Finland that day has more than doubled compared to the previous week. Reuters reported that the Finnish government is considering a ban on the entry of Russian nationals who have crossed into the country by vehicle.

Not only the land way, but also the air way is crowded. Immediately after the publication of the mobilization order, direct flights from Moscow to Turkiye, Istanbul and Armenia, where Russians can enter without a visa, were sold out. In the case of the cheapest flight to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) increased to 3 million rubles (about 6.83 million won), about five times higher than usual.

(Seoul = News 1)

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