The First 5G Citizens, the superior genius of delivering the most complete iPhone 12 in history, better, more powerful than the TRUE 5G.

True reinforces the digital lifestyle leader Create a superior experience for the first Thai people to own the iPhone 12 on a better, complete, stronger, intelligent network with the phenomenon of The First 5G Citizens.

00.01 AM on the night of November 27, True creates a phenomenon The First 5G Citizens allows special customers to receive iPhone 12 through 3 channels TrueRyde, True Branding Shop Siam Square Soi 2 and the first time in Thailand with THE FIRST ‘ DRIVE-TRUE ‘5G at True Digital Park’ is a Drive Thru service that responds to a new way of life with Social distancing.

“THE FIRST ‘DRIVE-TRUE’ 5G at True Digital Park” for the first time in Thailand with an exclusive experience. Get iPhone 12 via Drive Thru at True Digital Park.

Recently, True launches the first Drive Thru service in Thailand with the iPhone 12 delivery experience, Social Distancing, responding to a new way of life at True Digital Park by customers who received the device at 00.01 on the night of November 27. Ordered and paid online, you can drive in to pick up the device immediately.

“THE FIRST EXCLUSIVE TrueRyde Midnight 5G Delivery” Busy, okay, TrueRyde delivers iPhone 12 to the front of the house.

00.01 On the night of November 27, the horse rider of “True Ryde” TrueRyde along with the Prague law, sent the iPhone 12 to the house so that True customers can be the first Thai people to receive the device in front home It is called a service that meets the lifestyle of people who like to stay at home. Or even if you are busy, you can also get a genius experience.

First 5G Citizens
TrueMove H iPhone 12

“THE FIRST PREMIERE at True Branding Shop Siam Square Soi 2” received the first iPhone 12 and also chose the best package first at True Branding Shop.

True opens another channel to give the first customers the best experience in receiving the iPhone 12 VIP and also choosing the best package. Selex, a great offer by yourself, open for Walk in, receive services from 4pm this event Pin-Ket Manee Wielding the boss Become one of the customers who create new experiences with True 5G.

First 5G Citizens

Experience the intelligent True 5G network that is better, complete, stronger with the most complete 7 frequency bands in Thailand, covering 77 provinces nationwide. Available today on the 2600 MHz frequency. For the best use of the iPhone 12 before anyone else at 00.01 on 27 November 2020 comes a special offer for TrueMove H customers.

TrueMove H sells all new iPhone 12 models, including the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, featuring an unparalleled new camera system, a new ceramic shield front panel, and a Super Retina XDR display. Edge-to-edge for an immersive viewing experience, and the Apple-designed A14 Bionic, the fastest smartphone chip, all in a beautiful new design to support the groundbreaking 5G experience on smart networks. True 5G, nationwide coverage Experience the best with the highest speed. Better value with the best offers from TrueMove H with more services and privileges, both True ID, TrueCard and TruePoint.

Special iPhone 12 Deals For TrueMove H customers:

  • Postpaid customers Get a discount for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 18,400 baht, starting at only 2,262 baht / month when applying for the specified monthly package.
  • For a special package, ‘5G Super Max Speed ​​for iPhone’ is available to customers who buy iPhone 12 with TrueMove H only:
    • Watch free True Premier League season 2020/21 via the TrueID app when applying for the 1,399 baht package.
      Go up
    • Get free True Protech service: change your mobile phone instantly. Have instant appliances for 6 months, when applying for True Protech the first 6 months get free for the next 6 months
    • Receive special privileges from Apple Service, free Apple Watch monthly service fee valued at 199 baht for 12 months when applying for a package of 1,199 baht or more and iCloud 50GB.
      3 months
    • Easy Swap old, exchange new, buy old device, maximum value 25,000 baht.
    • Receive a privilege to redeem accessories, up to 60% discount today until 31 Dec 2020.

Interested customers can now get iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. At all True Shop branches throughout Thailand Find out more at


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