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The first army of athletics started the closed training center at Muak Lek.

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SAT prepares to launch an organization-specific detention facility Inside the Muak Lek National Sports Training Center, Saraburi Province, in order to detain athletes and officials returning from foreign competitions. After the Department of Disease Control green light can be used Qatar’s Olympic Qualifying team will begin a 14-day detention trial on June 2.

Dr. Kong Sak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) revealed that from the fact that SAT has sent a letter requesting aid to the Department of Disease Control to inspect and certify the establishment and operation for the venue Organized quarantine At the Muak Lek National Sports Training Center, Saraburi Province for athletes and officials It has now been approved.

Governor of SAT Revealed that the main purpose of establishing an organization-specific detention facility at the Muak Lek National Sports Training Center, Saraburi And training place It can be used as a support for many types of athletes. By such establishment So that athletes and officials Returning from overseas competitions such as qualifying tournaments Olympic games And the Olympic Games Including other international competitions Who must be detained for 14 days during that detention It is important that these athletes It is necessary to practice sports as well. “

For organizational-specific quarantine facilities Also known as “Sport Quarantine” has 30 rooms, accommodating up to 60 people, with facilities for both doctors and public health nurses. Including staff To take care of neatness in various fields as well

There will be a system test for the establishment of the “Sports Quarantine” Center starting on June 1, with two athletes from two associations entering the service, including four athletes returning from the state. Qatar Stayed on June 2, ’64 and 16 blind soccer players returning from Japan. Stay on June 6, 64, after assessing the completeness and testing the operation system, SAT will open to the associations traveling to foreign races to access the service respectively.

Dr. Kong Sat said that at this time, 25 Thai athletes have reached the Olympics, including the last seven in badminton, it is 32 in the final turn of qualifying. It is believed that Thai athletes will be able to win more seats And have a chance to win 40 seats or more Also asked the sports fans to help send encouragement to cheer those athletes as well

“As for the anticipation of the competition in the COVID-19 situation. I must admit that it is difficult. But from which we hope There are many types of sports that are thought to have a chance of success from competing in every country. Including taekwondo, badminton, women’s golf, canoes and amateur boxing.

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