The first big set to watch “Narubodin” shoot at “King’s Cup” Chiang Mai 9 years ago (clip)

On September 20, 2022, the movement of the Thai national football team Who came to practice at the Alpine Resort Golf Club since September 19 in the past, Mano Polking, the team’s coach focused on rehabilitation. After the players fought hard in the Football League for 6 games

Of the 23 commanders in this set, there are 4 people who have played in the 2013 King’s Cup in Chiang Mai (9 years ago), namely Sumanya Purisai, Thitiphan Phuangchan, Chanathip Songkra Sin and Naruebodin Weerawatnodom

Currently, “Chao Ton” Naruebodin has played 37 matches for the Thai national team, scoring 2 goals, and scored for “War Elephants” since the first match against Finland in this program 9 years ago , but lost 1-3 in the end.

Program for the first game on September 22, 2022

17.30 Trinidad meets Tajikistan

8:30 pm Thailand meets Malaysia at 8:30 pm Live broadcast on Thai Rath TV Channel 32 from 8:10 pm

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