The First "Casino" in Virginia opens in New Kent

Open Open Slot Machines at Colonial Downs

New Kent, Va. ( – A crowd of about 500 people was the first person to win and lose money at the first "casino" at Virginia. Rosie's Gaming Emporium opened Tuesday at Colonial Downs, the horse racing trail which was closed in 2014. The "casino" for horse racing will return to the road later this year.

The slots are not real slot machines, but are based on historical horse races. The Tribe Pamunkey is trying to use his federal fortune to establish a casino, possibly in Norfolk, and the General Assembly is studying the possibility of allowing full casino gaming.

It is also proposed that Rosie would take place in Richmond, just off Chippenham Parkway, later this summer.

Many of the 500 were from New Kent, or from Richmond. They said that they would rather spend their money here, than they would have to travel to casinos in Delaware, West Virginia, or Maryland.

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