The first champion in the Kuoman era! Barca hits the Copa del Rey attacking Bilbao 4-0

Barcelona won the first title of Ronald Kuman in his reign with Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final.

LIVE UPDATE Copa Del Rey (Final): Barcelona-Bilbao

Copa Del Rey 2020-2021 Final At the Estadio de la Cartujá stadium in Seville It is a meeting between Athletic Bilbao duel with Barcelona.

Bilbao mentor Marcelino Garcia Toral chose to organize an army in a 4-4-2 system, using a pair of strikers as Raul Garcia, coordinating with Inhaki Williams.

Ronald Kuman’s Barcelona side came in a 3-1-4-2 plan with a pair of strikers Lionel Messi coordinating with Antoine Griezmann.

Games in the first 45 minutes, although Barca’s side dominated the attacking ball. But still not decisive to score at all As a result, at the end of the first half, the score is still tied at 0-0.

In the second half, Azul Grana managed to score a goal in the 60th minute from the moment that Frankie de Jong ran the ball in the starboard to the center for Greece Mann to swoop with the left, tung the net to send. The former 30-time champion led 1-0.

Next minute, in the 63rd minute, Barzama can add two more balls from the moment that Jordi Alba opens the ball to the left to the penalty area to de Jong. Help Chao Boon throw away 2-0.

Continuing with the 68th minute, Azul Grana got another third goal from the timing of the De Jong flowing the ball for Messi to trick the defensive line, Bilbao cut into the center before spinning with the left, skipped the base of the post. sharp Send to the former 30-time champion, leading 3-0 away

Not yet When in the 72nd minute, Barzama plus four balls ripped away from the moment Alba flowed the ball on the left side into the penalty area for Messi to shoot with the left. Is the second child of the person in this game as well Help Chao Boon throw away 4-0.

Then no more doors arose in any way. Making the final game finish as Barcelona collapsed, defeated by a 4-0 victory, won the Copa del Rey to win the 31st time most of all time. Also included is the first champion in the era of manager Ronald Kuman.

List of players from both teams

Athletic Bilbao (4-4-2): Unisimon; Oscar de Marcos, Yerai Alvarez (Unainñez n.67), Injico Martinez, Miguel Valencia; Alejandro Berenguir (Miguel Vesta.54), Dani Garcia, Unai Lopez (Yuri Bercichane.67), Igermunia. In (Injico Legn. 46); Raul Garcia, Inhaki Williams (Asier Villalibren. 67)

Unused Reserve: Jon Morzillo, Gokin Ezquieta, Anderkapa, Unai Benzadeor.

Yellow Card – Dani Garcia.39, Yuri Berchichen.90

Barcelona (3-1-4-2): Mark-Andrei Terstegen; Oscar Minquesa (Usman deembelen. 88), Gerard Piqué (Ronald Arauhon. 82), Clement Longlet; Sergio Busquets; Serginho d’este (Sergie Roberto, p. 74), Pedri (Elise Moribane. 81), Frankie de Jong, Jordi Alba; Antoine Griezmann (Martin Braithwaite n.87), Lionel Messi

Unused reserve: Francisco Tringao, Samuel Utiti, Inhaki Penha, Arnoutenas

Race day and time

game Athletic Bilbao – Barcelona
A date Saturday night, April 17, 2021
time 2.30 AM (Sunday morning)
field Estadio de la Cartujah



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