The first day of cross-party questioning, ‘Yoon Seok-yeol vs Moon Jae-in’ workshop – The Kyunghyang Shinmun

Han Deok-soo, “Moon Jae-in’s government will request an investigation into solar power”

The ruling party ‘Lee Jae-myung investigation’ against the opposition ‘Kim Gun-hee special prosecutor law’

The ‘debate over building a new hotel’ is also a problem… “We must push on”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo answers a question from People’s Power Representative Lee Yong-ho during a political question held at the main hall of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 19th. photo cooperative

From the first day of the National Assembly questioning on the 19th, the opposition and opposition parties have been fighting, pointing to the failures of the Yun Seok-yeol administration and the former Moon Jae-in administration. The opposition pointed to the recent controversial budget for the construction of a new presidential hotel and personnel disasters in the early days of the current administration, while the ruling party disagreed with the Moon Jae-in government’s solar energy regeneration project and the compulsion to return home. North Korean fishermen to North Korea. The opposition asked for the enactment of a special prosecutor to clarify allegations of Kim Kun-hee, and the ruling party asked for an active investigation into the various allegations of Lee Jae-myung, the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea.

Seo Young-gyo, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, made a point of the current government by looking into the budget controversy for a new small hotel. When Representative Seo asked, “Did you know the budget of 87.8 billion won to build the hotel?” Prime Minister Han Deok-soo replied, “I didn’t know, but I found out from the newspaper.” Rep. asked. Seo again, ‘Is it a budget that the president didn’t even know about?’ Prime Minister Han replied, “Not all supreme commanders calculate this and decide[y gyllideb].”

Rep. Seo also mentioned the Special Prosecution Law for Mrs. Kim, proposed by the Democratic Party. He said, “There was a public opinion poll which showed around 65% of the public opinion that the investigation into Mrs. Kim is fair,” he said. When Prime Minister Han said, “The prosecution and investigative authorities under investigation will carefully review it,” Rep. Seo said, “Everyone has come to know that the Prime Minister also rejects the special prosecutor.” People have no choice but to think this is content that protects the claims.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Hoe-jae criticized the prosecution’s investigation into the Deutsche Motors stock manipulation case for slowness. Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon replied, “I believe the public will agree with the way the Justice Minister refuses to interfere in the prosecution’s individual investigations in the form of ‘cover up, let go’.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Tan-hee asked the government for housing measures for residents in the semi-basement area affected by the heavy rain. When Prime Minister Han responded, “I don’t think it can be solved with a simple thing that allows you to move into a rental apartment,” “I need to make sure I have enough income,” said Rep. Lee, “Is there any housing measures?” and “President (Yoon) “Is the complete elimination of the abnormal residence as a campaign vow to renounce?” he asked. Representative Lee also asked the question, linking the government’s attempt to build a small hotel to the lack of measures for the disadvantaged, saying, “You have withdrawn 87.8 billion won for the cost of the hotel, but do you have any plans to use this budget for public housing?”

The People’s Power urged the prosecution to investigate Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung. Representative Lee Yong-ho, of People’s Strength, mentioned the fact that the investigation started again this year after the decision to reject Lee’s claims of sponsorship for Seongnam FC, and said, “Isn’t there a need to take appropriate action against the police officers responsible for the scandalous investigation to cover up through neglect of their duties?’ asked Han Chang-seop, Vice Minister of Interior and Security. To Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, CEO Lee was charged with spreading false information under the Public Official Elections Act, and asked, “The Democratic Party (Democratic Party) protesting that it is political oppression, but that the law is not equal. for everyone?” Minister Han replied, “Breaching the electoral law is a simple criminal investigation where the same result should be obtained even if it is blinded by whether a member of the House is a member of the National Assembly.”

Representative Lee Yong-ho defended the dispute over the new guesthouse, saying, “Isn’t the guesthouse necessary in accordance with our national dignity? When Representative Lee asked, “Is there any country in the world without hotels?” Prime Minister Han replied, “The sizes are a little different, but almost all are there.”

Representative Seo Byung-soo, of People’s Power, said, “The 5% (sample) survey of the solar power cartel revealed that corruption worth 261.6 billion was earned. Shouldn’t the government reveal the truth? Do you” n investigate?” he asked. Prime Minister Han said, “I intend to ask for an investigation.” This is a direct indication of legal action against illegal and unfair cases announced by the government’s joint anti-corruption promotion team of the Office of Government Policy Coordination recently by investigating the current situation of the Moon Jae government’s solar power generation stimulation project- in. Prime Minister Han also said during a question-and-answer session with People’s Power Representative Choi Hyung-doo, “there is a plan to expand the base of the investigation (relating to the solar power generation project) nationwide.”

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