“The First Generation Celebrity” Zhang Xiaohui broke into the live broadcast circle and the live broadcast shouted with goods came to an end? -Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

This year’s 618 live broadcast promotion may be the most “active” in history

Li Jiaqi, Luo Yonghao, Simba, Dong Jie, Zhang Xiaohui… This year’s 618 promotion started, did you buy a live broadcast room of his broadcast room?

Last year was said to be the “toughest in history” session of 618, and Ali didn’t even release a fight report. At that time, the top anchors Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi were absent from 618. Luo Yonghao announced his withdrawal from social media to start business again, and Simba was deeply involved in fraud. The only satisfaction is that this year’s 618 live broadcasting industry produced Dong Yuhui’s information sharing type.

And promoting this year’s 618 live broadcast may be the most “active” session in history. In addition to Li Jiaqi, Taobao live broadcast also has a live broadcast room that has attracted a lot of attention, which is the world’s first e-commerce live broadcast on Apple Tmall; Luo Yonghao settled and “made friends” in to sell houses live; Still in Kuaishou; while Xiaohongshu brought “female classmates with stories” Dong Jie and Zhang Xiaohui, and used the slow live broadcast with a sense of atmosphere to fight a bloody road in “Crying at a Low Price”.

After all, as the first e-commerce super-promotion after the three-year epidemic, the industry considers this year’s record to be linked to regaining consumer confidence.

Is the end of the shout a live broadcast?

Zhang Xiaohui’s “first generation celebrity” went crazy in Xiaohongshu

The most unexpected number in 618 this year is that the “first generation celebrity” Zhang Xiaohui has entered the live broadcasting circle. After Dong Jie, Xiaohongshu once again sent a “female classmate with a story”. This time it was the real celebrity Zhang Xiaohui.”.

Zhang Xiaohui has a video of selling eyeshadow palettes that is very popular on the Internet.

She is in no rush to ask a price, nor is she in a rush to let you hunt down the bottom line. Instead, we started from Renaissance oil paintings and Shakespeare’s literature. We used the transfer work “Spring” by the famous Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli to describe the colours, and even read it in Cockney English. A love poem by John Downne, “Farewell Words.” Whether you eat it or not, in any case, the young women in Xiaohongshu are delighted, spending 50 million yuan in four hours.

Why are picky girls in Xiaohongshu “handled” by Zhang Xiaohui? After all, in the 1990s, she was the first “cargo queen”. Not to mention the gossip about her two marriages “scattering” the two billionaires, she showed her strong ability more than 30 years ago in terms of bringing goods. As an early domestic fashion blogger, she was the first woman to order Hermes and get her upper body in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, the Hong Kong media guarded her door day and night, just to dig into her clothes, accessories, cosmetics. At that time, Zhang Xiaohui appeared on the cover of a magazine in a tight T-shirt, and the same style would be sold out the next day. Two days ago, Zhang Xiaohui, who became popular again because of the live broadcast, came to Hangzhou. When she appeared in a cosmetic shop, she caused a stir. Your grandmother and great-grandmother may have been planted and stolen by her. Now it’s your turn.


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