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The first hot spot in the ratings of the four networks, the 818 global car night, the full victory of the global car night, pays tribute to the power of China

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Original title: the first hot spot in the ratings of the four networks, the 818 global car night, the full victory of the car home, pays tribute to the power of China

The number one engine continues to accelerate, and the wonderful “Car Night” has come to a successful conclusion! On the evening of August 18th, the car-themed evening “2021 Autohome 818 Global Car Night” jointly created by Hunan Satellite TV and Autohome drove. The whole evening was themed with “The No. 1 Engine Achieves Perfect Love Engine” and was successful. Created an audio-visual feast with shining stars and bursting sense of science and technology. The party’s ratings and popularity led the way, not only the provincial satellite TV’s top four ratings, but also a strong lead in 228 hot searches on the entire network and all platforms, including 126 hot searches on Weibo, with a score of 99.97 in the list of Weibo variety topics. On the list, netizens continue to praise, and the Hunan Satellite TV Auto Home 818 Global Car Night, which accompanied the audience through the third year, once again verified the influence of Hunan Satellite TV to create super IP.

The ratings are ranked first on the four networks, and the hot discussion on the whole network is collectively praised by the mainstream media

The ratings data show that the ratings of “2021 Autohome 818 Global Car Night” swept the first place, with CSM Metropolitan rating 1.06/ rating share 4.8%, CSM national network rating 0.81/ rating share 3.71%, and CSM63 city rating 2.5 /The ratings share is 9.75%, Huan.com’s ratings are 0.44/The ratings share is 4.57%, leading by absolute advantage, and the provincial satellite TV is the first in the four networks.

The ratings have been impressive, and the social media popularity of the party has continued to soar. There are 126 hot searches on Sina Weibo alone, and the total number of topic readings on the entire network has exceeded 11.5 billion. On average, each program has topic words on the list. Among them, topic词#时代Youth League Zhuque Stage First Show#, #湖南卫视818晚会#, #湖南卫视818晚会彩排# top 10 in the hot search list on Weibo. The data of the party was far ahead in the list of the night with a “fault-like” advantage, and it was a well-deserved ceiling of the “car night”.

The reputation of the party also ushered in a bumper harvest. Netizens expressed that “Hunan Satellite TV’s stage is a high-quality guarantee” and enthusiastically expressed their love for the party; People’s Daily client, Guangming Daily client, China Youth Daily, National Radio and Television Think Tanks, Guangming Net, Literature and Art News, China Writers Net, China Youth Net, China News Net, China Net, Red Net, Huasheng Online and other key media published articles and praised the party’s innovation and positive energy core. Ordinary stories, innovative expressions convey the confidence of a great power.”

Dream Linkage Blood Stage takes turns to stage the Olympic champions to share the fun of life

The evening party was crafted by the Xu Qing studio, the gold medal production team of Hunan Satellite TV. On a stage full of futuristic technology, a perfect stage show with all kinds of creativity and perception was staged in turn. Mao Amin and Liu Yuning sang “Returning” affectionately, leading the audience to take the time machine and return to the classic era; Zhou Shen and the Chinese music master Fang Jinlong’s cooperative performance was amazing on the whole network, which attracted netizens to call for “Zhou Shen on the stage” “; The debut stage of the new song “Suzaku” of the Times Youth League is full of young chivalrous spirits. The light and shadow changes and the virtual special effects of red suzaku feathers add to the performance; Li Yuchun debuts at the finale, high-energy interpretation of the original work “One Trip”, with extremely visual impact The strong Chinese character stage drew a perfect end to the party.

As a special part of the party, Olympic champions Xu Xin and Sun Yiwen made a surprise appearance and met the audience through live connections. The two shared interesting stories about themselves and the car, and they also showed off their voices on the spot, showing their extraordinary singing skills. Different from the meticulous appearance during sports, just a few minutes of connection showed the multi-faceted charm of Xu Xin and Sun Yiwen, making netizens exclaim, “I didn’t expect Xu Xin and Sun Yiwen to sing so well!”

Perfect love “engine”, highlighting the humanistic temperature, interpreting the emotions of people and cars, and looking forward to the power of China’s science and technology

Every wonderful stage contains the expression of the core of the party. The times are constantly changing and the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. The party will focus on “people”, convey various “big love stories” about cars to the society with a brand-new family and country feelings, record the “speed and passion” of contemporary China, and pass on The self-confidence and pride of a technological power. In addition to material needs such as automobiles, travel, and technology, common spiritual themes such as love, family affection, and friendship are also reflected in the program. From “engine” to “love engine”, the materiality of the car itself is sublimated and turned into a deeper social and emotional interaction.

“In 10 or 20 years, what will the Chinese car look like? How will it change our lives?” With this imaginative question, in the party “Future Car” vcr, a 7-and-a-half-year-old Chinese small Tang Xin, the record holder of the youngest female racing driver, Qin Yudi, a doctoral student in the School of Vehicles and Transportation of Tsinghua University, and Peng Youliang, a model worker from Changsha City, and Peng Youliang, a taxi driver from Changsha Leifeng Motorsport, described them from various industries and different identities. The answer in the mind. The party conveyed moving emotions in ordinary stories, aroused the audience’s inner resonance with the warm and sincere power, and showed the power of Chinese cars in speed. Some viewers sighed, “The beautiful vision they expressed not only made me feel the rapid development of China’s auto industry, but also made me full of confidence in the future of China’s auto industry.”

Three years of company, all the way forward. In 2019, Hunan Satellite TV’s first “Car Night” innovatively integrated the variety show elements of TV art and the hard core connotation of automobiles, and became a sensational event in the automotive industry that year; 2020, the evening party By presenting the car aesthetics of different ages, it creates an emotional connection with the audience, and leads the audience to experience the inseparable image of cars and a better life in a fun way; until this year, “Car Night” pays more attention to the uniqueness of product personalization and innovation. Elements, focusing on the core of feelings in technology, closely following the pulse of the times, expressing greater emotional tension with a futuristic feast of light and shadow. As a model of brand cross-border IP, the gala constantly seeks a balance between commercial effectiveness, humanistic sentiments and industrial demands. What will the future car gala look like? We look forward to it together.Return to Sohu to see more

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