The first meeting of the 12th CPPCC hosted the second meeting of the center’s executive chairman

Release time: 10:51 on January 6, 2023Source: Hebi DailyViews:

On the afternoon of January 5, the first meeting of the 12th CPPCC held the second meeting of the center’s executive chairman.

The meeting was presided over by Feng Fangxi, moderator of the meeting of the executive chairman of the first meeting of the Bureau of the Twelfth CPPCC. Li Jun, Feng Fangxi, Zhang Hongbo, Hao Zhijun, Zhang Guofu, Zhang Shancan, Wang Jun, Song Zhongmin and Chang Wenjun, executive chairmen of the conference presidium, attended the meeting.

The meeting listened to the report of the Secretariat of the General Assembly on the work report of the 11th CPPCC Standing Committee, the proposal work report, and the discussion of the Secretary of the Civic Party Committee; he heard the discussion on the work of the General Assembly Secretariat government. report, plan and financial report, and the reports of the two courts The report on the situation; listen to the conference secretariat’s report on the discussion of various resolutions and reports (draft); Report on the brewing discussion with the proposal of the list examiner.

The meeting decided to present the above agenda to the third meeting of the presidium in the first session of the twelfth CPPCC for consideration.