The first on-site investigation by the Special Committee on the Disaster… YouTuber’mocking’ on the far right

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The National Assembly’s ‘Special Committee to Investigate State Disaster Issues’ began its first on-site investigation.

He encouraged the bereaved families to find thorough facts, and on one side, protests were held to criticize the bereaved families.

This is reporter Kim Geon-hwi.

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Before the on-site investigation of the Special Committee of National Inquiry 10.29, which was launched 54 days after the disaster, members of the committee visited the citizen’s incense burner for the first time.

“Find truth! find truth!”

Amidst the screams and sobs of the bereaved family, sudden shouts come flying.


“It’s a stampede. It’s a stampede. Let’s not put aid in the incense burner. Let’s not put aid in the incense burner.”

These are far right YouTubers who have been camping out since the incense burner was built and criticizing the bereaved families.

These scenes are broadcast live via social media.


“Crying again. Aww. There are a lot of reporters, so I think I’ll have to cry a little as the script says.”

The members of the committee, who finished their worship in the middle of chaos, moved to the site of the disaster on foot.

A bereaved family at the scene collapsed while urging a thorough investigation.


We only want one thing right now. I just want the truth to come out. If the kids died somehow, even if it’s the screen or the video, tell me where they died.

Subsequently, the opposition and opposition parties visited the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and asked why the response was not done properly even after an emergency, code zero, was announced on the day of the disaster.

[김교흥/더불어민주당 의원]

“Normally, if it’s code zero and it’s such an urgent situation, then why don’t you report it to the situation team leader, situation officer, and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency?”

[전주혜/국민의힘 의원]

“You said there are about 100 code zeros a day. Then, what specific instructions are given by the 112 control room?”

Regarding this, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Kim Gwang-ho admitted that there was a problem with the reporting system at the time, saying that the report had not been made to the leader of the situation team.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

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