The first performance of the stage play “Accidental Inevitable Event”, which shows the possible life of the future from a new perspective – Xinhua

The first performance of the stage play “Accidental Inevitable Event”, which shows the possible life of the future from a new perspective

International News Online: On September 16th, produced by Fanxing Drama Village, based on the work of the famous Polish writer Jaroslaw Muravski “Doll”, the future science fiction themed stage play “Accidental Inevitable Event” directed by Miao Ge. “, which premiered at Fanxing Theater Village.

The story of Accidental Inevitability focuses on the topic “how humans face the changes caused by technology”. It shows the daily life of humans and “artificial intelligence” together from a peaceful perspective decades later, showing the complex relationship between the characters and their internal contradictions in the face of “technological change” in the context of drawing a line with a struggle. What comes to the audience is not only the scene of life in the future shown on stage, but also the thought of “how to face the future” and “how to face yourself and others”. “

“Accidental Unavoidable Event” Pictures.

“Accidental Unavoidable Event” Pictures.

“Accidental Inevitable Event” is the first new work of actor Wang Hao after returning to the theater after the “Annual Comedy Contest”, and it is also a very high performance challenge. In the drama, the main character “Li” played by Wang Hao is a collection of multiple contradictions. He is young in the future with a fashionable lifestyle and traditional emotional concepts. Faced with such a complex role, Wang Hao has made great efforts in processing the lines and texts and managing the performance rhythm.

As a “future sci-fi themed” stage play, “Accidental Event” did not pursue spectacular scenery and dazzling stunts in its production. Instead, use rich colors to achieve a “visual system” effect. Beneath the seemingly common white themed background, through technical means such as lighting, multimedia, sound effects, instant photography, etc., a field of atmosphere is created that is sometimes obscure, sometimes charming, and sometimes counter-intuitive. -say each other. The changing scenes and the actors’ performances make future humans excited at first when facing “artificial intelligence”, and then their hesitant mindset changes on stage.

The script adapted from the original Polish novel adds a whole new dimension to the cultural expression of “accidental”. Stage timing promotes the development of the plot, and personal monologues engage the audience’s philosophical thinking. Such diverse perspectives and multi-level presentation make the story and artwork of this new work more three-dimensional and full.

It is reported that the first round of “Accidental Inevitable Event” will be performed at Fanxing Theater Village until September 25. After the Beijing performance, the play is expected to debut at Shanghai’s Daning Theater on September 27.

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