The first prize is 2 PS5 units, the Lotte Hi-Mart FIFA 23 competition will be held

▲ Representative image of the FIFA 23 Lotte Hi-Mat Cup tournament (photo courtesy: Gamepia)

On December 17th, Gamepia will cooperate with Lotte Himart to host a FIFA 23 tournament for Lotte Himart. The venue is the Sisgear Jamsil Experience Center E-SPORTS Arena on the first floor of Lotte Hi-Mart Jamsil Megastore.

This tournament will be held in the PS5 version of FIFA 23, and 32 teams consisting of two players will participate. Free entry will be accepted from the 24th, and prizes will be awarded to the winning and participating teams.

Applications can be made through the Lotte Himart app from the 24th to the 6th of December, and the final participants will be decided by lottery among the number of applicants. The lottery results will be announced on 9 December.

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