The first queue hits 5 “Chiang Mai football fans” waiting to buy tickets to cheer on the “Thailand national team” for the 3rd King’s Cup

Date 25 September 2022 Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization Change of ticket sales point 48th King’s Cup Football Championship from Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium to Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization 80th Anniversary Hall of Fame Due to the organization of the area around the field for the arrival of His Majesty’s representatives to the trophy presentation ceremony

However, hundreds of football fans in Chiang Mai and neighboring provinces are still lining up to buy tickets to support the Thai national team. Despite the rain since the morning and the army of “war elephants” the army can only compete with Trinidad & Tobago after the trend that many people have decided to release the reserved tickets for 3rd place . Because of the disappointment of the results in the first match always Malaysia national team 1-1 before penalty kicks losing 3-5, aggregate score 4-6

For the first queue to wait to buy tickets for the 48th King’s Cup, the third match is Wannisa Thongkham, 55 years old, a housewife, who said today that she plans to wake up from 4.00 am to travel from the house in Area There is Taeng. The distance is about 30 kilometers.. Come and wait in line to buy tickets at the Auditorium to honor the 80th Anniversary of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Institute. Be the first at 5.00 am

On Wanisa Thongkam’s side, she said she really likes Thai football and the Thai national team, with Naruebodin Weerawatnodom, Buriram United’s right back, being her favorite player. Because he likes to play style and is a lovely person. And this is the first match to meet Malaysia, he asked his friends to wait in line from 6 o’clock in the morning and buy tickets to see the stadium as well. Even if it’s a shame that I didn’t make it to the finals But still want to support the “War Elephants” army as usual and want Thai people to continue to support the Thai national team Personally, I think I want to beat Trinidad 2-1 to get 3rd place.

However, tickets will go on sale at 12:00 noon, with 1 person being able to buy 2 tickets as before and will have a limit of around 2,000 tickets, but if someone who has booked through channels on- line collects the ticket at the specified time it will be sold more that has less than 100 cards

The 48th King’s Cup Football Championship at Chiang Mai’s 700 Year Stadium, the 3rd round of Thailand’s national team, ranked 111 in the world, will meet Trinidad and Tobago, ranked 101 in the world, at 5:30 pm, broadcast live on Thairath TV Channel 32 and AIS Play

final part Malaysia national team ranked 148th in the world will meet Tajikistan national team ranked 109th in the world at 8:30 pm live on AIS Play.

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