The first wave of free updates for Mario Strikers Battle League launches Friday, with Princess Daisy and Hehe joining the battle | 4Gamers

Nintendo Hong Kong announced today (20th) that the first free update (Ver1.1.0) of the “Mario Fighting Striker Battle League” will be released on July 22, 2022. This free update adds a variety of content, including two new characters, new venues, new equipment, and more.

The first new character is Princess Daisy. Princess Daisy is a skill type who will not easily fall even if they collide. She can use the ball to defend and pass the ball to attack and defend, and the powerful kill shot is “Super Blast Ball: Convolved Flying Ball.” “. The second is hehe, hehe is a balanced type that is more critical to choosing equipment, and the sure-kill shot is “Super Blast Ball: Propeller Dive”.






In the equipment section, this update adds “Knight Equipment” that looks like a knight. Equipping such equipment, parameters such as physical fitness and shooting will increase, while other parameters will decrease relatively, which is suitable for teams that focus on attacking.


In addition, this update adds a new stadium, which looks like the “Desert Ruins” on the desert. Not only the battle, but also the club’s stadium.


It is officially announced that there will be a second free update in 2022. Like this time, there will be new characters, equipment, stadiums, and more.

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