The floor was frozen…he fell while checking the plumbing in the cold wave

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Last weekend, there was a record-breaking cold wave.

An employee who was checking a pipe that had ruptured in a residential building in Seoul fell 20 meters down and died.

This is reporter Ji Yoon-soo.

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A police control line was struck in the rest area of ​​the balcony outside the officetel.

Calcium chloride was sprayed to melt the frozen floor, and thick water pipes can be seen on the ceiling inside the structure where access is prohibited.

Around 9:20 this morning, a control room worker in his 40s fell from the balcony on the 3rd floor of a commercial officetel in Jamsil, Seoul, to the 4th basement floor 20 meters below.

I was only able to rescue him in 2 hours and 20 minutes after tearing off the ventilation system on the 2nd basement floor, but he was already dead due to a serious head injury.

[소방서 관계자]

“I was trying to pick up the person in the basement from the 3rd floor, but there was something temporarily blocked on the 2nd basement floor, and our crew took it…”

This officetel hastily repaired a frozen heating pipe this morning, and one fell while three employees checked the plumbing in the morning to see if there were any problems.

It is the scene of the accident.

It is said that the man fell while checking the plumbing because the floor was slippery.

When the pipe was frozen, the water that flowed out on the floor froze in the cold weather, so the floor was slippery at the time of work.

When the 119 rescue team arrived, they had to spray calcium chloride before rescue.

At the time of the accident, the staff of the control room were not wearing hard hats or safety devices such as ropes to prevent falls.

It was not an official repair, but a level of checking the plumbing, but it was a fatal accident due to not taking proper safety measures.

[고용노동부 관계자]

“In places where there is a risk of falling or falling, it is necessary to wear a safety belt (safety equipment) if possible. I think we will have to see if this can be applied.”

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident and compliance with safety rules against officetel officials, such as the control room staff who were working together.

This is Yoonsoo Ji from MBC News.

Video coverage: Young-geun Jang / Video editing: Daye Ryu

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