The food safety incident of stepping on pickled vegetables exploded again on the mainland Many well-known pickled vegetable companies were seized | Fax from the mainland | Cross-strait

In response to the arrival of “315 International Consumer Day”, yesterday (14)GuangdongThe TV station revealed once again “Shantou workers stepped on pickled vegetables”food safetyAs a result, many well-known pickle companies were seized.

According to the Guangdong TV report, the production process and environment of some pickle factories in Shantou City are very strict. Some pickle factory workers cut pickles while smoking, and the pickles that fell on the ground were thrown directly into boxes .

Among them, employees of Shantou Mutongyuan Food Co., Ltd stepped directly on the galangal with bare feet while making pickles. These galangals will be used to increase the taste of sour pickles. When asked if they would have “spicy feet”, the worker said without hesitation: “Spicy, hot feet, I won’t be spicy if I get used to it.”

Another well-known sour pickle maker in Chaoshan, Waisha Jingui Fruit and Vegetable Factory in Longhu District, Shantou City, workers wore water shoes and stepped back and forth in the mud and pickle pits without any cleaning and disinfection. There are also workers who kick the scattered mustard greens like balls back into the pickling pit. There are also pickling workers standing on wooden tables holding cigarettes in their hands and spitting unknown white objects into the pickling pit.

Vegetables were soaked in pools full of white foam, and the hygienic environment was disgusting. In addition to pickled vegetables, there are also olive vegetables produced by Shantou Yulei. The mustard greens, the raw material, have turned gray and spoiled like garbage piled on the side of the road, with flies and mosquitoes flying at them.

According to, the open companies include Shantou Mutongyuan Food Co, Ltd, Waisha Jingui Fruit and Vegetable Pickling Factory in Longhu District, Shantou City, and Shantou Yulei Food Industry Co, Ltd, which was established in January 2022. and July 2011. In November and November 1978, the scope of the business included food production.

After the hygiene problem of pickled vegetables was exposed, the market supervision and management department in Shantou City took action overnight, thoroughly investigated the factories involved and seized the problematic products, and checked the production and comprehensive circulation of pickled vegetables to prevent problematic products from entering. the market, shelf.


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