The Football Association’s salary limit supporting heavy penalties: up to 24 points deducted for violations, players suspended for two years_Related

Original Title: The Football Association’s Salary Limitation Supporting Heavy Penalty Measures: Players with up to 24 points deducted for violations suspended for two years

On January 25, Beijing time, the Chinese Super League Working Conference was held in Suzhou. At the meeting, the Chinese Football Association announced the most stringent salary limit in history. The annual income before tax of local players must not exceed RMB 5 million, and the annual income of foreign players must not exceed RMB 3 million before tax. Euros, and the club’s total annual expenditure must not exceed 600 million yuan. According to relevant regulations, the Chinese Football Association and the professional league will further improve the rules and impose heavy fines on violators. Moreover, financial supervision will be clearly assigned to a third-party accounting firm to ensure fairness and justice.

Judging from the current news, in the future, the professional league will issue a complete set of detailed punishment standards, which will be handed over to the professional league to be responsible for implementation. The financial audit of each club will all be handled by a third-party accounting firm. If the club overspends more than 20% in a single season, 6 league points will be deducted, and if the excess is 20%-40%, 12 points will be deducted, up to a heavy penalty of 24 points deduction.

In addition, the single-season expenditure for the annual salary of foreign players shall not exceed 10 million euros, and the single-season expenditure for local players shall not exceed 75 million yuan. Once the limit is exceeded, a heavy penalty of 9 league points will be deducted.

All of the players’ income is pre-tax income. Players sign labor contracts with third parties and must declare to relevant agencies. Clubs are not allowed to issue cash to players’ families through affiliates. Once the relevant issues are verified, the player will be suspended for a maximum of 24 months. (Li Mubai of Sohu Sports)Return to Sohu to see more


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