The former political office dissolved

Reform within the Republican Bloc: The former political bureau dissolved

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🚨Abdoulaye Bio Tchané chairs the party until 2026

🚨 Important decisions taken at today’s congress

The members of the political bureau of the Bloc Républicain party were in special session this Saturday, June 3, 2023 in Cotonou. This session, which takes the place of the party congress, is placed under the leadership of the leader of the presidential movement, President Patrice Talon. As expected, this session produced important decisions.


The most important of these decisions, as we announced in our previous article, is the transformation of the National General Secretariat (SGN) into the Presidency of the Bloc Républicain party. As a result, the post of National Secretary General (SGN) is dissolved and Minister of State Abdoulaye Bio Tchané now takes the reins of the party as President. Still according to the decisions resulting from this special session, President Abdoulaye Bio Tchané will have to lead the destiny of the party until the next congress, which congress is scheduled for December 2026. In this new highly strategic and political responsibility, the President of the Bloc Républicain has the total confidence of President Patrice Talon, from whom comes the proposal, which was unanimously approved by all the members of the political bureau present. “The President of the Republican Bloc is assisted by a Permanent Secretariat composed of seven (7) members” we also learned from a concordant source. The said Secretariat will have the task of executing the political decisions of the party.

In addition, the special session decided on the dissolution of the previous Political Bureau. The next congress in December 2026 will certainly put things in their place. This definitely signals the end of recess and endless destabilization attempts.

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Profound changes in sight at the Republican Bloc: Abdoulaye Bio Tchané reinforced, he becomes the President of the party


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