The former principal of North Dakota will lose whenever arson has been charged with an appeal against a city law News

The former principal of North Dakota will lose whenever arson has been charged with an appeal against a city law News


Friday's Friday Circuit Appeals Court panels were upheld on Friday with the ruling by District Judge Daniel Hovland in February 2018 that Thomas Sander lacked evidence to prove his case.

Sander's solicitor did not respond immediately to a request for traffic.

Sander was charged with setting up fire March 3, 2014, which severely damaged Trinity High School, a Roman Catholic private school in Dickinson. No one was injured at the fault, said authorities had deliberately laid a cabinet in a filed, but cleared and repairs were estimated at $ 20 million. The school was not open again until the beginning of the next school year.

Sander was charged with a felony arson and threatened a fire. The case was dismissed four months later after a judge ruled that the police had not read Sander his rights before questioning and applied some of his statements. Prosecutors decided not to proceed with the case without evidence from police interviews.

Sander opened a city of Dickinson, three legal officers and some other unnamed city officials in June 2015 for unspecified damages, stating that his civil rights were violated. The defendants argued that Sander did not testify, and Hovland finally agreed. Sanders then appealed.

The authorities did not publicly discuss any possible reason following the arrest of Sander. Hovland's order stated that Sander had notified Sander in the weeks before the fire that his contract would not be renewed at the end of the academic year.

Hovland's order also stated that the police kept a handwritten analysis of the fact that Sander wrote a reading note, “I will bring this school to its knees,” and it was considered that there was no later acknowledgment by a credible court student who impeded law enforcement. .

No other arrests were made in the case. The investigation is "deemed closed / inactive and will therefore remain pending evidence or to obtain new information," said Captain Police Dickinson Joe Cianni on Tuesday.


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