The former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute dies after falling down the stairs while inspecting a new building

The former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute dies after falling down the stairs while inspecting a new building

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Russian state media Izvestiya reported on September 21 that Anatoly Gerashenko, 72, former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute (МАИ), died after falling from a height without falling. the same morning? The medical team rushed to the scene. It states that Mr Ge-Rachenko is dead.

Moscow Institute of Aviation

Building a tragic scene

Moskovsky Komsomolets reported the details of the death. Mr Gerashenko has been working as an advisor to the Office of the President of Administration and Finance of the Moscow Aviation Institute since 2015, most recently visiting the new school and laboratory buildings under construction at the Institute. The building should start operating in December. The main construction work on the building has been completed. Now the workers are painting the walls. Installation of internal doors, etc.


Illustration: flight and landing / DREAM CIVIL

Mr Gerashenko entered the new building to monitor the progress of the construction work. But when on the third floor of the building, Mr Gerashenko lost his balance. and fell from the landing platform to the bottom because the construction workers have not installed the railings yet At the moment, only barrier tape is being used temporarily. After Mr Gerashenko could not see the edge of the stairs and tripped. because the deceased’s right eye was almost invisible and died after being injured from a fall from a height

Former Rector of the Moscow Institute of Aviation

Mr. Anatoli Gerashenko © RIA Novosti / Владимир Федоренко /

Mr Gerashenko holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Moscow Aviation Institute. And have worked here from 1977-2007 leading engineers, chief technicians, vice presidents for organizational and social development. Then as Chancellor from 2007-2015, Gerashenko is the author of more than 100 scientific works, patent holders. and received the Order of Honor of Russia

Former Rector of the Moscow Institute of Aviation

© Photo: courtesy of MAI Public Relations Department

Western media reports that the Moscow Aviation Institute is one of Russia’s leading scientific research universities responsible for developing aerospace technology. and has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Defense Ministry.

He is also the latest to die less than two weeks after Ivan Pechorin, 39. Managing Director, Aviation, Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (ERDC)

The pair are the latest high-ranking officials in Russia’s energy, technology and finance sectors. He has been linked to the Russian government and has been mysteriously dead since the beginning of this year.

Live news collects the above mysterious deaths in Russia this year from the Russian media Bazaar and Wikipedia.

  • 14 September. Mr. Vladimir Sungorkin Executive Editor of Komsomolskaya Pravda, official Russian newspaper passed away Had a stroke and choked on the way to lunch. in the village of Rocino in the far eastern Khabarovsk Territory of Russia
  • September 10 Mr. Ivan Pechorin The 39-year-old, managing director of aviation for the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (ERDC), has died after get off a speedboat in the Russian far eastern city of Vladivostok
  • September 1 Mr Rawil Maganoff Aged 67, Chairman (Deputy CEO) of Russian oil company, Luke Oil. He died after falling from the window of the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital. The media reported the possibility that It is possible that Mr Maganoff walked out onto the balcony of the patient’s room which was not designed for the patient to walk out to smoke. before accidentally falling
  • August 14 Danil Rapoport Mr Latvian-born Russian businessman and outspoken critic of Putin. die after fell from a luxury apartment in Washington, USA
  • July 4 Mr Yuri Voronov 61 years old, the top manager of the transport company “Astra Shipping” was found shot in a swimming pool with a gun near the body. In a cottage village near the Gulf of Finland in the Leninskaya region The wife of the deceased said that before traveling there The husband had a problem with his business partner because he had lost money.
  • 8-9 May Mr Alexander Subbotin Luke Oil Board member dies after drug-induced heart failure while performing shaman ritual in exorcist Jaimega’s basement in Moscow, but critics say This was a death from frog poisoning.
  • 2-3 May Mr. Andrey Krukovsky Manager of Krasnaya Polyania ski resort owned by Prom in Estosadok community. die after fall off a cliff Climbing Ashippse Fortress in Sochi.
  • 19 Apr Mr. Sergei Protoxenia A 55-year-old former Novatech gas company manager was found hanging from a handrail. with the bodies of his wife and daughter on the bed In a mansion in Spain They both had cuts with their axes. The results of the investigation were noted as Kill his wife and children before committing suicide
  • 18 Apr Vladislav Avayev Mr Aged 51, former Deputy CEO “Prombank nasty” was found next to the bodies of his wife and 13-year-old daughter, all with gunshot wounds. in an apartment in Moscow The results of the investigation showed that Mr Avayev caught his 47-year-old wife cheating and became pregnant with Avayev’s private driver. so he killed his wife and daughter before taking his own life
  • 23 Mar Mr Vasily Melnikov Russian businessman, owner of the medical device business “Medstorm” The bodies were found next to the bodies of his wife and two sons in the apartment. Nizhny Novgorod central region of Russia
  • February 28 Mr Mikhail Watford Russian billionaire born in Ukraine He died in the garage of a residence in Surrey County. United Kingdom But the British authorities found no evidence of the crime.
  • 25 Feb. Mr Alexander Tulyakov Deputy Director of the Central Clearing House of “Gasprom”, Corporate Security Department was found as a body in a hanging state with a letter of farewell next to the body. but not disclosed in the village of Leninsky
  • 30 Jan Mr. Leonid Chulman transport manager “Prom inwest” was also found stabbed and drowning in a bathroom in a villa in the village of Leninskiy. with a letter of farewell next to the broken body Pain from a broken leg

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