The former Trump staff member falls before the law to kiss him

The former Trump staff member falls before the law to kiss him

A former campaigning member for Donald Trump, a former presidency, who pledged him forcibly during a campaign rally in 2016 has decided to release his trick, according to a report.

“I am fighting against someone with unlimited resources, and repeatedly the judicial system failed to find fault in his behavior,” said Alva Johnson, 44, with the Daily Beast. “That's a huge mountain to climb.”

Johnson, an outreach director for Trump in Alabama and Florida, alleged that he went under a lock box outside of rally in Tampa on August 24, 2016.

“I immediately felt that I was broken because I didn't expect it or wanted it,” she told the Washington Post in February, when she sued. “I can see her lips coming straight on my face.” T

Johnson, a mother of four American Americans from Alabama, said she turned her head to avoid the smoot, who landed on her cheek instead.

In June, a judge put forward the issue put forward by Johnson, which included claims of gender and racial discrimination, stating that her complaint was politically motivated and gave her 30 days to file a revised version.

The following month, the president dropped the video president to insist on Johnson's claims.

Alva Johnson

Alva Johnson

The Washington Post / Getty Images

Alva Johnson "src ="

Alva Johnson

The Washington Post / Getty Images

In the 15-second clip, Johnson could be told telling Trump that she was “out of my family for eight months for you.” T

Trump then caught her at the shoulders and kissed her right cheek, as she said, “We are to get you in the White House. I'll see you in February. ”

But Johnson's lawyer, Hassan Zavareei, told the Daily Beast that the footage shows “Trump is hitting Alva by the shoulders, pulling her, and kissing in front of collaborators and others” and that he created his client “Telling the truth about what her employer did for her. ”

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Donald Trump and Alva Johnson

Zavareei described Trump as “the most powerful sexual predator of the Earth,” in view of the dozen other women who made allegations of misconduct against Trump, including an attempt at rape, groping and fortified kisses.

Trump attorney Charles Harder told the Thursday news outlet that Johnson's decision shows the release of President Trump's “full victory”, and he fully expresses Johnson's false allegations. ” T

Harder added that the president is “weighing” her legal choices over Johnson's alleged infringement agreement with the campaign.

“Just as the president broke the issue of Stormy Daniels and received an order requiring her to pay her legal fees, so Alva Johnson should also refund legal fees and expenses incurred here,” he said.


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