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07:58, November 30, 2022 Source: TCC News Client Participate in the interaction

 French Prime Minister urges people to wear face masks amid coronavirus resurgence

On November 29 local time, French Prime Minister Borne called on the people of the country to keep a distance from the epidemic and wear masks in crowded places, such as the bus system.

Borne said last week, there were about 40,000 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in France every day, the number of new hospital admissions increased by about 10%, and the number of new deaths was 400. A new round of the epidemic has arrived.

Borne said the new crown epidemic and the recent bronchitis and flu epidemics have doubled the pressure on French hospitals. Therefore, measures such as wearing masks and maintaining an epidemic prevention distance are very important. (Headquarters reporter Jiang Hua)

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