The “frightened patriots” played in favor of Russia.

/ We talk a lot about the cunning plans of Russia, but this refers, as a rule, to the future. But that’s not the case today. The very plan of which we did not even suspect was carried out before our eyes. And then it turned out that “frightened patriots” played an important role in favor of Russia …

On May 10, Vladimir Putin, with a stroke of the pen, lifted the visa regime and ban on air travel with Georgia, which had been in place for four years. Now citizens of this country can freely enter the territory of Russia.

The presidential decree entered into force on May 15. And on May 19, the first flight from Moscow arrived in Tbilisi. In total, according to the Russian Ministry of Transport, authorities plan to launch seven direct flights from Moscow to Tbilisi and back. The flights will be operated by Russian-made aircraft.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, canceled the recommendation to citizens to refrain from visiting Georgia. According to the official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, this step should help to gradually ease the conditions for communication between the citizens of the two countries.

It should be noted that in Georgia they treated our request with understanding and refused to impose sanctions against Russia, despite the pressure of the West. Tbilisi also confirmed its readiness to allow direct flights of air carriers from Russia that have not fallen under Western sanctions.

As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized, the decision to resume flights and cancel visas was made primarily for humanitarian reasons. On this occasion, there were many appeals to the Russian authorities from citizens and entrepreneurs of both countries, public organizations, scientists and cultural figures.

It seems that they have decided to do something good for Georgia, and the Georgian Foreign Ministry warmly welcomes this. But the president of the country, Salome Zurabishvili, as it turned out, is not very happy about it. In addition, she announced a “personal boycott” of the largest Georgian airline, Georgian Airways (and later of her). The politician is convinced that the company is using the state for its own enrichment and considers this unacceptable.

The political observer of “First Russian” Andrey Perla spoke about this in more detail in the program “Hidden Meanings”.

Zurabishvili’s anger and helplessness

Speaking about the relations between Russia and Georgia, Andrey Perla noted that Mrs. Zurabishvili is a citizen not only of her country, but also of France. She also has US permanent residency. During the recent protests and attempts to overthrow the government in Georgia, as we remember, she broadcast not from Tbilisi, but from New York. And this should also be taken into account, the political scientist pointed out.

When Russia decided to cancel the visa regime and resume flights with Tbilisi, one of the Georgian senators, while in the US, probably on a business trip, said the following: that our leader Vladimir Putin is trying to turn Georgia into a Russian province. And I must say that both he and Mrs. Zurabishvili quite correctly understood what Putin was doing.” Perla noted.

Georgia has no other choice

He recalled that the Victory Parade in Moscow on May 9 was attended by the presidents of those republics of the former Soviet Union, those macro-regions of the Russian Empire, which are inextricably linked with Moscow. Together with Russia, these are eight presidents. And this is a large part of the Russian Empire, the political scientist emphasized. Three more Baltic republics remain “behind the scenes” of this spectacular meeting. However, Russia does not need them, Perla believes. But, among other things, out of the frame remain the Moldovans who declared themselves Romanians, Ukraine, for which we are fighting. And Georgia.

What is Georgia? Georgia, like Armenia, is an area of ​​intersection of the interests of the great eastern empires: the Turkish Empire (modern Turkey), the Russian Empire (Russia) and Iran. Apart from those parts already connected to Russia, i.e. Abkhazia and South Ossetia, today’s Georgia is clearly divided into these zones of influence.

We see how much and successfully they invest in Turkish business in Batumi. We see a large number of Iranian businessmen in Tbilisi who come there. And we see that the economy of today’s Georgia, despite Turkish investments, cannot exist without Russian money – noted Tsargrad’s interlocutor.

Economic relations with Russia

Andrey Perla noted that there are three main economic ties between Russia and Georgia. The first is related to the supply of Georgian wine to our country. According to the political scientist, Georgian wine “it’s been criticized a lot lately because it has a lot to compare it to.” Nevertheless, Georgian wine is loved and appreciated in Russia.

The second unit is tourism. There would be no happiness, as they say, but unhappiness helped. Our “refugees” through Gornii Lars brought economic growth to Georgia with Russian money. We rightly condemn these people, but from the point of view of economic relations between Georgia and Russia, they quite unexpectedly did a great job. And they tied the Georgian economy even tighter for us. That is, they partly made amends for the bad attitude towards their homeland, – said Tsargrad’s interlocutor.

The third economic link is the most important, believes Andrey Perla. It is no secret that the Georgian diaspora in Russia, as well as diasporas from other southern republics of the former Soviet Union, transfer a lot of money to their homeland. Many Georgians trade fruit and wine in Russia and implement some investment projects. And this is an essential part of the Georgian economy, noted the expert.

Vladimir Putin has done a good job for the Georgians – without any request from them. And this “good” happens at the expense of Russia, let’s be honest. He paid for the fact that Georgia thus immediately, literally with one stroke of the pen, found itself in the zone of Russian economic and political influence. And Georgia will agree to this, she has no choice.” – said Perla.

The Georgians will not miss their chance

Under Mikheil Saakashvili, in the course of the reforms, the president of Georgia could head the executive power in the country. And this was the period of “the most Russophobic Georgian government”, noted the political scientist. After Saakashvili’s departure, Georgians reversed most of his administrative reforms. And today Georgia is already a parliamentary republic. Which, according to the expert, is reasonable for such a small country.

There are different opinions about the Georgian government. But it should not be called pro-Russian. Because it is precisely pro-Georgian. Maybe the people in power in Georgia aren’t perfect. But they think about the well-being of their country and people. In contrast to the government of the same Saakashvili, which simply received official salaries from the fund of the American businessman George Soros. And accordingly worked for the Soros Foundation,” – added the political scientist.

Ms. Zurabishvili has little influence as president. Because her actions are directed almost entirely across the ocean. In fact, apart from moral authority and the authority of the position of head of state, she has no will to make decisions, the expert believes. The maximum she can do is come to parliament, ask for the floor as president and express her point of view.

As for mass protests in Georgia, as we have seen, they are possible. But to our surprise, Georgian society proved to be stable enough not to descend into civil war. And if this is so, then Georgian society, it turns out, is wise enough to strengthen ties with Russia.” Perla pointed out.

What should we prepare for?

The political scientist did not rule out that in the near future the head of the government of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili will arrive in Russia to discuss relations between the two countries. He also believes that the danger of a new armed conflict between Russia and Georgia will be definitively removed in the near future. Instead, according to Perla, Georgia will take about the same position towards us as Armenia.

This means that the mutual complaints, unfortunately, are there. And many are unhappy with us. But at the same time they are in the zone of our influence. And from the point of view of the West, they are satellites of Russia. So, with one stroke of the pen after May 9, Vladimir Putin decided everything. And this is the very clever plan that worked without fail – concluded Andrey Perla.

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