The funeral ceremony for “Watermelon” Pattida (Nida) Patcharaveerapong March 11-13 is not yet a funeral.

“Watermelon” Pattida (Nida) Patcharaweeraphong Her sudden death in the Chao Phraya River brings deepest condolences to the family dear friend Both entertainers, netizens and fans who love and appreciate the performance of a 37-year-old female heroine. Christian believers in “God”

happy church (Church of Joy) has joined hands with the actress’s family “Watermelon” and friends who love her together to organize mourning ceremony held between 11-13 March 2022 at Bangkok Liberty Church (Liberty Church Bangkok) Thap Chang Subdistrict, Saphan Sung District, Bangkok which has a spacious place And when Watermelon was less than 10 years old, he was a member of the Children’s Church of the Bangkok Liberty Church.

“Mourning Ceremony” of the Christians has a unique form and meaning Not a funeral which have different forms and purposes

“In the Christian faith who believes in the Lord After we are out of breath in this world Our souls will surely be with the Lord. Therefore we are all believers. When we’re out of breath we will meet Now it’s just a short separation. depending on the age of the person Like ‘Nong Mo’ is gone, Nong Mo will leave us during this 30 year period. But in the next 30 years, I will meet Nong Mo and the Lord above.” Give an explanation to Art & Living, Bangkok Business

Watermelon-Phatthida (Nida) Patcharaveerapong

happy church He added, “Therefore this mourning ceremony So it’s not a mourning funeral. but a funeral ceremony that we mourn those who have ‘dead’ In the Christian language we use the word fall asleep No.. passed away because as if we were asleep from this world But our souls will awaken and be with the Lord in heaven. This is the Christian faith.”

The Bible “1 Thessalonians 4:13-18” explains the meaning of ‘Sleep’ clearly It is what Christians follow the Bible.

The funeral ceremony for QR code to join the ceremony each day between 11-13 Mar.

Basic Code of Conduct for Participants “Mourning Ceremony”
“Participants There are no special requirements. can come to work Love Nong Mo.. Let’s join the event. We are more concerned about safety in matters of health. is to comply with precautionary control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

we will ask Register via QR code for comprehensive convenience plus the measures that we have discussed with the Saphan Sung area because I don’t want people to be too crowded Online registration is required. to indicate the distance to sit in the meeting room.”

When a person who registers via QR code arrives at the event Must have an inspection service Antigen Test Kit (ATK) Show results of vaccination through the doctor application ready. After passing the test and having the name registered in advance, you can attend the event and wear 2 layers of masks throughout the ceremony.

“We limit the number of registrants. Not more than 1,000 people/day It’s the number that we talked to the district. If the number is reached, then you can’t enter the ceremony building. But we have a live broadcast via the Church of Joy’s YouTube channel, CJConnect, or visit the Church of Joy Thailand Facebook page. There is a link to click.

The funeral ceremony for

Dressing for the funeral ceremony of Watermelon-Nida
The Church of Happiness explains that with the belief of ‘falling asleep’, fellow Christians will find a ‘watermelon’ in the future. The mourning ceremony was therefore not an arrangement to express sorrow. in a way that they will never meet again

Christian dress in “Mourning Ceremony” Therefore, it is not emphasized to be black for mourning. because it is not mourning

Under the regret that fellow Christians did not find the “watermelon” during this time. But there is a confident hope that the “watermelon” will be found again. Black mourning is therefore not a key element in the mourning process.

“Some jobs are up to you. dress in clothes that color ‘The Sleeper’ likes, like Father So (Sophon Patcharaveerapong), Nong Mo wants to be white. Unfortunately, in this work, Nong Mo is a person who likes bright colors. The dress for attending this event is therefore requested to be White, Old Rose and Pink according to the color of being Nong Mo which is the color that my sister likes.”

The funeral ceremony for Bangkok Liberty Church Place of funeral ceremony “Watermelon-Nida”

The process of mourning ceremony “Watermelon-Nida” on 11-13 March 2022
Pastor Thongchai Pradubchananurat President of the Baptist Church Foundation and the pastor of the Church of Happiness Opening a press conference detailing the funeral ceremony Watermelon-Phatthida (Nida) Patcharaveerapong Which is scheduled to be held on March 11-13, 2022 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Bangkok Liberty Church.

6:30 p.m. Start with a prayer to God. reading the bible Singing songs of worship to God mourning song The teacher gave morals Singing worship to God A special church song written to help us understand the Lord’s love for us, a song that “Watermelon-Nida” loves. mourn Finished off with a prayer for family and guests attending the ceremony.

The special song in the church that “Watermelon-Nida” likes will be sung by christian artist The first song on the night of 11 Mar. is the song “Does Jesus care about me?” sung by Pu-Anchalee Jongkadeekitthe night of March 12, including the song Amazing Grace (The Grace of God) by B-Peerapat Therawong And on the night of March 13, the song “Love is amazing” sung by Boy Peach Maker

The funeral ceremony for

Father Sophon Patcharaveerapong and daughter “Watermelon” it’s time to meet again in heaven with God.

Funeral “Watermelon” Monday, March 14, 2022
normal doingfuneralfor Christians will consist of a burial ceremony But now with the limitations of the area in Bangkok Therefore, funeral ceremonies are popular with cremation

in the funeral ceremony Watermelon-Phatthida (Nida) Patcharaveerapong at the Bangkok Liberty Church 11-13 March 2022 No “Watermelon Draft” was introduced. to the place of the funeral

But on Monday, March 14, 2022, the family will travel to pick up female star figure which is kept at forensic institute police hospital to bring to the ceremony cremation at the Methodist Church, Rangsit, at 2:00 p.m., at the same place where watermelon’s father was cremated. Including the ceremony for the individual in the family and relatives Then on Tuesday, March 15th, ashes and ashes were collected.

“Nong Mo’s ashes It’s up to the family to consider what to do next. because it is clearly written in the bible we are born from the soil We go back down to the ground. The ashes have a mental relationship with the family. but the younger soul is with the Lord From the moment you run out of breath You are with God now,” said a representative of the Church of Happiness.

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