The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was held at the place where her marriage was crowned

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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England has just begun at Westminster Abbey in London.

Shortly after the funeral procession ends, the Queen travels around the city of London to receive a final greeting from the citizens and then goes to Windsor Castle to be buried.

Reporter Cho Myung-ah in London will read the report first, and then we will contact the local area.

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An hour ago, the Queen’s coffin, which had been placed in the middle of Timinster Hall, was lowered from the throne.

The coffin was loaded into a hearse led by 142 British sailors and carried across the street to Westminster Abbey, where the funeral procession took place.

Westminster Abbey, where the funeral took place, was the site of the Queen’s coronation 69 years ago and the Queen’s wedding earlier.

The Queen’s final act today was attended by the royal family, including King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry.

A million mourners are expected to gather around Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, where the funeral will take place, traffic officials said.

Outside the mosque, citizens have been crowding in for a few days, trying to get a seat in advance to watch the Queen’s funeral procession.


“I brought food and drink, and I brought blankets and sleeping bags to keep me from getting cold at night. I didn’t bring a tent, just a chair.”

[커널 하워드 윌킨슨 /행렬 참가 대령]

“It’s sad, but it’s an honor to be able to carry out our roles and duties as the Queen did for 70 years.”

Before this, the pilgrimage to the Queen, which started on the 14th, ended five hours ago.

The queue, which at one point took more than 24 hours to stand in front of the queen’s coffin, was

It lasted until the last night.


“This is a great opportunity to remember Queen Elizabeth II’s dedication to this country.”

The UK has declared today a temporary public holiday.

Vehicles in the city are restricted, and public offices, as well as large department stores and supermarkets, are all closed, and we spend a day commemorating the last British Queen, which has continued for 70 years.

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I will now put you in touch with London Correspondent Cho Myung-ah.

Reporter Joe, I think the funeral is almost over. How will the ceremony end?

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Yes, after a while, when the funeral is officially closed, a trumpet will sound and two minutes of silence will be held across the country.

Afterwards, the queen’s coffin leaves the temple and passes through Buckingham Palace, where she lived during her lifetime.

London’s famous Clock Tower, Big Ben, chimes every minute, and salutes are fired from Hyde Park while the Queen travels around the city of London to say her goodbyes to the people.

It’s just before midday in London at the moment.

An hour later, around 1:00 PM, the Queen’s coffin was transferred to a lorry and left for Windsor Castle, the burial site.

From 4pm, the ceremony will take place in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle with over 800 people in attendance, and she will be taken down to the underground royal ossuary to be buried forever next to her husband, the Prince Philip, who killed 74 years.

This is Cho Myung-ah from MBC News from London.

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