The Future of Max Verstappen: Racing Enthusiast, Not Team Principal

Max Verstappen Rules Out Becoming an F1 Team Principal

Red Bull Racing Driver Focuses on Future Outside Racing

Max Verstappen, the talented Formula 1 driver currently under contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028, has made it clear that he has no ambitions of stepping into the role of an F1 team principal once he hangs up his helmet. While many former world champions have transitioned into team leadership positions after their racing careers, Verstappen is not interested in taking on such a responsibility.

In an interview with CNN, Verstappen cited the immense pressure and demanding travel schedule as major barriers to running his own F1 team. “There is a tremendous amount of money involved, and I simply do not wish to be burdened with the weight of making crucial decisions,” explained Verstappen. “Having experienced the challenges of extensive travel as a driver, I cannot envision going through that as a team principal.”

Instead, Verstappen has expressed his passion for simulation racing, which he considers far more than just a mere game. “I have a genuine love for simulation racing and I am extremely driven to push the boundaries,” Verstappen shared. “In the future, I aim to merge the virtual and real world of racing and explore the immense potential it holds.”

The 25-year-old Verstappen has already achieved numerous accolades in his career, with 43 victories and two world championship titles under his belt. It is widely predicted that he will secure his third crown this year. However, Verstappen has acknowledged that his life extends beyond Formula 1. “While I give my all in this sport, I am fully aware that there is more to life than just racing,” he expressed. “I look forward to embracing new experiences and enjoying a fulfilling life outside of F1.”

Verstappen’s decision to stay clear of team management has sparked curiosity about the legacy he will leave behind. Nonetheless, he remains firm in his stance. “F1 is just one chapter in my life, and once it concludes, I will continue to pursue new ventures and passions,” concluded Verstappen. “While it may not be something I reflect on frequently, I fully accept that this chapter will come to an end.”

Max Verstappen has insisted he is not interested in becoming an F1 team principal when he takes off his helmet. Verstappen is under contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028 (when he is 31) but, like Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, has often hinted that he does not want to race into his 40s.

Throughout the sport’s history, Formula 1 world champions, from John Surtees to Emerson Fittipaldi to Alain Prost, have built their own racing teams, while others have moved on to team leader roles after their track careers. However, Verstappen, speaking to CNN, cited huge responsibilities and frequent trips as an obstacle to running his own F1 team. “There is a lot of money involved and I don’t want to be in a position to make decisions,” said Verstappen. “It’s difficult to travel, and I’ve already experienced it as a driver, so I definitely wouldn’t want to do that as a team principal,” said Verstappen of other options. “I love simulation racing.” “Some people think it’s just a game, but it’s not. I’m very passionate about it. In the future, I’ll do something to bring sim racing into the real world and see how far we can go .” “I have many plans to build.” “Maybe I want to have my own racing team. There are many opportunities I want to try to achieve, and I’m already working on it.” Verstappen is 25 and already 173. He has won 43 races and won two world championship titles, and is sure to win his third crown this year. But Verstappen has tried to calm concerns about what kind of legacy he will leave behind when he leaves F1. “I’m trying to do everything I can here at the moment, but I also know that life is not just about F1,” said Verstappen. “When F1 is over I want to enjoy my life and do other things, so I’m done with F1,” he said. It’s not something you look back on sometimes. in your life and you have been working on it for a long time. But yes, it’s over.”

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