“The game advertisement that had a lot of words saying’What does this mean’ was hidden…”

The hidden meaning of the advertisement that was exposed to many viewers was speculated and attracted attention.

On the 24th, the professional baseball team NC Dinos won the Korean Series by winning the 6th leg of the 2020 postseason held at Gocheok Sky Dome. Fans were enthusiastic about their first win after the club was founded. After the championship was confirmed, the game advertisement that was aired throughout the Korean series attracted attention again.


During the Korean series, advertisements for the game’Lineage 2 Mobile’ appeared frequently. It is about making weapons in the smithy by those dressed as dwarves, and one of these dwarves is actually NC Soft’s representative and NC Dinos owner Kim Taek-jin.

Viewers were confused, saying, “What does this mean?” However, immediately after NC Dinos was confirmed to win, the meaning was naturally connected when the goods brought by owner Kim Taek-jin were revealed.

YouTube’NC Dinos’
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Owner Kim Taek-jin produced a huge size of’Jin Myung-Hwang’s Execution Sword’, an item in’Lineage’, for the players on this day. Captain Yang Eui-ji raised this sword high and enjoyed the victory, and not only domestic fans but also overseas fans were surprised to see the sword.

Netizens speculated that the advertisements promoted by NC also contained the intention of owner Kim Taek-jin to win. It means that the process of making the sword was included in the advertisement, and the actual sword appeared after the winner was decided.

Kim Taek-jin, CEO of NCsoft / YouTube’NCSoft’

It is known that the production cost of the’Execution Sword of Jin Myung Hwang’ received by NC Dinos is about 20 million.


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