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The game between ‘2.4cm’… ‘One foot from the youngest’ after the Korea-Japan match

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It was the biggest hurdle on the way to the gold medal, and so the more dramatic victory was the semi-final against Japan.

Overtime, the tie was tied again, but the youngest player, Je-deok Kim, shot a 10-point arrow that was 2.4cm closer to the center of the target than Japan, and the game was divided.

Reporter Jeong Sang-bin reports.

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If we ran away, Japan followed.

The national team took 1 set, but the host country Japan also won 2 sets and faced it…

Although we took the lead again with a three-set victory, Japan did not back down and tied the score 4-4.

The match went straight into overtime.

Players from both teams take turns shooting one shot at a time, and in case of a tie, the team whose arrow is closer to the center of the target wins.

In the first shot, Kim Woo-jin took the lead with 9 points and Japan with 10 points.

Then, the youngest Je-deok Kim responded with a more perfect 10 points.


“Shot. Ten points. That’s right. Ten points. You can.”

After that, the remaining players all shot 9 points, and the final result was a tie at 28:28.

In the end, the battle between Korea and Japan, which was bloodied by 17-year-old Kim Je-deok’s arrow, ended with our victory.


“I believe in the hyungs and follow them well, and now the hyungs also lead me, so it seems to have produced good results.”

Kim Je-duk’s 10 points are 3.3 cm from the center of the target, and Japan’s 10 points are 5.7 cm.

A mere 2.4 centimeters determined the match between Korea and Japan.

Kim Je-duk, who inspired his brothers with his unique spirit throughout the match, did not hide his joy as he raised his hands and jumped when the victory was confirmed.

And once again, he shouted a magic spell for the three championship winners.


“Fighting Korea.”

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