The gang carries “16 children” claiming loan debt. not online gambling

Pol Maj. Gen. Peerapong Wongsaman, Deputy Commissioner of Police 1 The head of the set to untie the tin, carries a 16-year-old to collect debts. All 6 suspects were brought to simulate the incident during the car journey to the scene of the crime. and after carrying a 16-year-old youth out of a motorcycle repair shop With special operations officers detaining Mr. Kitiphon or Bang Dean, the suspect who shot Mr. Surachai or New, who was one of the groups that came to collect debts until he was seriously injured.

o simulating events in the two cars where each group of suspects were sitting in a car Together they traveled to carry a 16 year old, before and after they were carried. The accused group said that bring a 16-year-old youth to ride with him Then stop in the market area of ​​Thailand to smell the liquor of 16-year-old youth, then put them in the trunk lid of a sedan. before driving to exit on the freeway road in the Lat Krabang area

During the simulation the reporter tried to ask what money the money was stolen by a 16 year old youth, and Mr Kitiporn or Bang Deen soon replied that it was the thing.a loanBorrowed, not money fromgambling Before the police rushed to the investigation room to be questioned further.

Supachai Sinprasert Nation News Agency, Nonthaburi Province

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