The general willingness to stock up before the holidays is low, and it is expected that the tin price will not rise enough.


On September 21, the mainstream quotation range of 1# tin ingot in the domestic spot tin market was 185,500-187,500 yuan / ton, with an average price of 186,500 yuan / ton, an increase of 2,500 yuan / ton from the previous trading day.

From a fundamental point of view, manufacturers’ quotations are still generally stable recently, and basically there is no significant change in the supply and demand side, and a weak supply and demand pattern is still maintained. The operating rate of large manufacturers is generally stable. Domestic tin production in August increased significantly, the supply of imported goods increased significantly, market quotations for imported goods increased, and the domestic supply of tin ingots was generally free. In terms of downstream demand, consumption is a little weak, and the willingness to stock up before the holidays is generally low. The downstream division still maintains on-demand procurement, and by the market a strong wait-and-see attitude.

Overall, the tin market still shows weak supply and demand, weak downstream demand, and it is difficult for tin prices to support.

(Article source: Business Club)

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